The way we used to design our homes has changed drastically. Right from interior decoration to wall decor, and furniture design, we are always looking for something new for our home decor.


And one of the latest interior designer methodology and trends along with modular which are changing the entire industry is the concept of the modular kitchen. Thoda days are gone where we used to have just a simple countertop and basic furniture in the kitchen.

As our needs are transforming and cooking habits are changing, the kitchen designers are moving towards a modular approach. We can leverage small space and unused corners with a modular kitchen setup.

If you are a newbie in modular furniture, we will guide you through the latest trends and designs of the modular kitchen. Whether you are having a spacious kitchen or a compact setup. With modular furniture, we can make every inch of space a beauty. Check out some of the latest and best and trending modular kitchen setup for your place.


Latest modular designs to turn your kitchen into an art piece:

U-Shaped Layout:

The U-shaped layout is one of the best looking setups. If you are having sufficient space in your kitchen, this design is for you. The U-shaped brings efficient productivity by serving multi-utility purposes.


It leverages the wall space and for building cabinets and keeping appliances organized. As it comes with a greater holding capacity, you can get your most of the utensils and appliances lined-up and ready to use in a hassle-free manner.

Another benefit of having this set up for your kitchen is that it uses the wall space and fits perfectly with your fridge, oven and dishwashers. If you are having moving space of two meters or more, you can use this design to modularize your kitchen. And if you are having an ample amount of space, you can also keep your dining table in the centre of it.

L-Shaped Layout:

L-shaped layouts are quite popular for compact space as well as for the open spaces. It also leverages the wall space but with an extended smaller area coming out from it. It maximizes the space of your kitchen by giving you an organized set up to deck up your essentials.


This design fits perfectly in smaller spaces giving ample space to move around. If you are redesigning your place and planning to keep the cooking space open, adjacent to your living room, this is just perfect.

The open kitchen makes your place a pure modern masterpiece. It will not only compliment your living room furniture along with sofa sets & tv units but also make your place feel more spacious. There are so many customizations available in this design. Whether you want more storage space or need a small countertop for your quick breakfast, this design is perfect for you.

Island Layout for your cooking junction:

Island layout is a kind of a free-standing modular storage unit which serves multiple utilities. You can have the island set up with a sink, a minibar or a small station to keep your fancy plates and other crockeries.

One of the biggest advantages of using this pattern in your kitchen is that it can easily be transformed into other design. If you need, you can convert it into an L-shaped, or G-shaped countertops stations without changing the existing furniture or decor products.


You can also leverage this design as a quick dining table by keeping some chairs around it. As you can move the chairs anytime, you can create a surplus space in an instant. This waives off the requirement of keeping a dedicated dining table for your place. If you are thinking about buying furniture online, you will find a lot of themes and designs for it.

Parallel or Straight Modular Kitchen:

One of the smartest ways to design your modern kitchen is to have a parallel or straight modular setup. This design excellently uses the wall space and provide you with an ample amount of centre space to move around and keep your dining table.


This is also known as the corridor style set up and we can use it in multiple ways. On one side, you can have your sink and rack to keep your dishes. And, on the other side, you can use it to keep your appliances or a fresh fruit basket.

As you are having two separate platforms, you can have a lot of storage space beneath them and it’s fully customizable. Go for small multiple drawers on one and for a bigger single compartment of storage on the other.

Wooden and glass cabinets:

Another way of creating more space in your kitchen smarty is to have a stylish glass or wooden cabinets. They fit perfectly in any space and serve you plenty of additional space. You can customize it as your kitchen’s theme.


If you are having a light theme, you can go for glass cabinets. They will complement the entire theme. You just need to clean the glasses on a regular basis. Apart from the glass one, wooden cabinets are also in trend. 

There are hundreds of wooden designs are available. Check out amazing kitchen products online and get it customized as per your theme. There are many furniture shops which offer a wide range of customizable furniture for your place.

Modular Chest of Drawers:

These are small and handy storage units which are easy to move around. You can have it in your open kitchen as well to keep cutlery and plates when you enjoy a barbeque in the fresh open air. Modular chest of drawers are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours.

The ease of cleaning it and placing the drawers anywhere makes it a must-have for your kitchenette. You will find a lot of varieties at your nearest furniture store or from any popular online furniture store.

So what are your thoughts on having a complete modular kitchen set up at your place? Modular kitchen not only let you save plenty of space but also a lot of money. As the maintenance cost of these types of movables are less than your monthly coffee bills, opting for them is a smart choice. Get the latest design furniture for your place and make it more productive and cosy.
Author Bio: Aarti Kurbetti is one of the most famous interior designer and owner of AP Interio, a modern wholesale furniture company in Pune. Visit here to check her designs.

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