MCaffeine Silver Caffeine Glow Gel with Aloe Vera extracts, that’s what my Happy Hamper came up in December.

Been through the dry spell of December and the fun and frolics of New Year, it was time to go back to the beauty regime. A lot happened within a short span of time. Be it untimely over exposure or little to no care at all, it is about time to rejuvenate the skin and look around for something more.

Mcaffaine Silver Glow Gel-1

Silver is supposed to have special antimicrobial properties, apt for your usage. Aloe Vera tends to get sticky at times – highly effective but with some gel based slime. What MCaffeine provides is a single solution to all your beauty problems.

About the product:

>> Gel based with aloe Vera extract as main constituent.

>> Doesn’t make the skin look oily or the makeup patchy because it is gel based.

>> Transparent and hence adds no colour or shade.

>> Can be used as a primer before makeup. Earlier I used to prefer Lakme Absolute Radiant cream, on almost a daily basis. But, this one seems to be switching places with it on my shelf and vanity kit too.

>> The stickiness tends to stay for a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes. After that it gets absorbed into the skin well and hence no patchy feeling.

Suitable for:

Dry skin. I personally face this problem. Having a dry skin means that all the makeup you do tends to appear patchy and somewhat overdone at the end of it. This means that I and my makeup solely depend on the primer that I apply before the makeup for it to look sober on my face.

This Glow Gel helps me set the right balance and tone for my makeup.

Aloes, it’s not a makeup aid but a balancer itself that can be used on its own for other purposes as per the directions.

Directions to use:


>> Take a feasible amount of the gel on your finger tips and then gently massage it across your face. Aloe Vera being an active ingredient leaves behind a soothing sensation.


>> Nano silver

>> Caffeine

>> Argan oil

>> Cucumber

>> Glycerine

>> Aloe Vera gel – base.

>> approved preservatives, fragrances and color.

Active ingredients are:

  • Silver

  • Caffeine

  • Aloe Vera

Apart from this, the fragrance had me drooling! Something that I actually hate about aloe Vera is the smell that it tends to leave behind (apart from the stickiness too). However, this one made up for the wariness with that super sweet smell and an absorbable gel based cream that doesn’t tend to make my face look oily or sticky after application.

Glow gel 3

Couldn’t think of a better product than this to conquer the war of brands and products when it comes to skin care.

Product availability and purchase:


This product is easily available online. Also, it’s easy to order this one over Amazon. Amazon link given up, you can order it from there with offer value!

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