It is not been more than a few months since I started using the Mcaffeine choco mask and trust me I am absolutely loving the product. This product is recently doing rounds in all news and that is how I came along this product. Seeing the wonderful reviews, I decided to try it on once. Hence I ordered this online from Amazon and the product was delivered to me in no time. I started using the product and saw the results within a week. So I thought why not share the honest reviews with you all so that you all can use and enjoy the benefits of the product as well.

About the MCaffeine product :


This is the first ever beauty product, launched in India, with the goodness of caffeine in it. Not only that this product is completely paraben free which makes it even better as paraben free products are completely safe to use. One of the prime reasons for me liking the product even more is that the company is against the cruelty towards animals.

This product is no less than a blessing in my life as it works wonders on my skin. Having dry skin, my skin tends to get really rough on usage of most of the masks, which is why I cannot use every other face mask available in the market. But something triggered in me and I thought of trying out mcaffeine chocolate mask and trust me, it was worth it. This is very easy to apply due to the creamy texture and it easily evens out on the skin. It then gently cleanses the face leaving a subtle glow afterwards.


Key ingredient present in mcaffeine chocolate mask –

  1. Soothing Caffeine
  2. Rich cocoa
  3. Aloe Vera extracts
  4. Seaweed

Active ingredients used are:

  1. Cocoa
  2. Caffeine

How to use this product:

Cleanse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. This helps to open up the pores on our face  so that all and any dirt on your skin gets completely removed. Then pat dry your skin with the help of a clean towel. Then take a generous quantity of the Choco Caffeine Mask and apply it evenly all over your face, ensuring the product does not come in any contact with the eyes. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, until it works its magic on your skin and dries. Rinse off thoroughly but with cold water this time. Washing off the pack with ice cold water closes the pores that were made open previously and thus ensures you do not face any acne problem. Pat dry with a clean towel again. Follow it with the application of a light cream or face gel to hydrate your skin and to enjoy the best result of the pack. To get the most of the pack, use the product,  following the above direction, twice a week.

Pros and cons of the product :


  1. I absolutely loved the product as it suits my skin so well. It also ensures that I don’t have any breakouts on my skin.
  2. Hydrates my skin really well.
  3. The fragrance is really fresh and I’ve been drooling over it ever since I first recieved it.
  4. It adds an instant glow to my skin which looks completely natural.


  1. Just after applying the mask, for the first 15-30 seconds, my skin tends to get a little itchy. But the skin soothes down almost immediately afterwards.
  2. Talking about the price, for that amount of quantity the price seems a little too high.

So this was my honest review about the Mcaffeine choco mask, hope this helps you all and clears out all the doubts that you all had in mind.

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