The weddings season is round the corner and merriment is visible in the air. Are you the one for some budgeting and getting into a sensual costing affair?

Weddings are everything that we as Indians look forth to. Be it of our family members, cousins, friends, relatives or especially the wedding as in our own wedding, we prep up for it systematically. Weddings are fantasy come true especially for the female population who believe in leaving quite the mark when it comes to their wedding. They want it the best – one of a kind. Keeping the fantasies and fairy tale desires aside we must realize that no Fairy Godmother is going to pop out of somewhere and bring us the best of the costumes, accessories and makeup alike. We have to take matters in our own hands and make it special.

Getting real about it. Weddings are costly. Indian weddings take the cost budget many notches higher because we being the celebratory kind of population love to spend all that we can.

It is sensible if we decide to do some cost cutting and put it to effective use. Makeup and makeup products especially for the Indian bride is something that you can show your skills on.

bridal makeup

Today, I will share with you the tips and tricks of doing dulhan makeup for the perfect bridal look:

Prepare yourself mentally. Yes, it is you who are doing it which makes it even more personal because nobody knows your face and choices better than yourself.

How to apply makeup starts with the base cleansing and moisturizing. A bride with a dry skin during a summer wedding can definitely use Mcaffeine moisturizer. It works excellent as a base too. For normal skin and other a Primer of matching skin tone is suggested.

A bridal makeup kit must contain Lakme absolute illuminating foundation. There is something special about it apart from the really nice fragrance. It settles very evenly with the base skin and hence prolongs the lasting of makeup and prevents it from looking patchy.

For contouring your face and highlighting the expressive parts use makeup brushes to apply golden highlighter on the cheeks and nose. Make angular and sharp lines for a defined look.

Eye makeup is something that we might over do or under do. I decide to use Huda Beauty’s Dusk eye shadow. It is necessary that you play with colors as per your lehenga/ outfit. I applied 4 different shades to give a sensual gradation.

The upper and corner parts of the eye are dark. The middle part is coloured with lighter shade and finally a drizzle and dabble of glitter to make my eyes pop out. Depth is added to the eye makeup with eyeliner and Kajal (Kohl). Every eye supports a different eye liner design. Go with the one that you are comfortable with application.

Make sure that you see ample makeup tutorials before deciding on the look you want. Wedding makeup is an important part and hence you must do it all right.

As for the hairstyle I’d openly suggest going for a decent bun because in most of the Wedding scenarios there is always the Pallu hiding away your hairstyle effort. However, if not, then make sure that you go with a bridal hairstyle that is easy to make and lasts a long time and doesn’t require frequent adjusting.

All you need is great amount of self-belief and a trick or two up your sleeve. Make the most of your wedding day bridal makeup and hairstyle.

Author: The Fashion and City

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