It is that time of the year—summer! The time when you realize that you’re better off indoors than lurking around outside in the smothering heat and melting into a sweaty puddle. Staying indoors either leads to boredom or sheer amount of experimental creativity that deals with quite the home renovations we seek. Yes, it is that time of the year when you decide to redo your bedroom and hall and living room and what-all places that you can place your hands on and set your sight to.

Here’s the go-to list and miniature guide of the event flow that you are about to follow:

Living Room Wall color



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It plays a very important part in setting your mood right. If your colors are way too warm you’d feel heated inside the house too, however, if you settle for bland and cold tones on your walls you might as well hibernate for the rest of the year. Our suggestion would be to go for a double color theme or better yet the same color in shades. This way you can maintain both-the warmth and the coolness of the color without feeling too rigid about it.

A light shades along with a light shade of a darker color can definitely set the tone right and also make your place look quite urbane.

Sofa Set



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Yes, we know it, right? If you are indoors you might as well binge watch stuff and chill to the hilt, who doesn’t? This means that you do have exquisite comfort requirements in the furniture department. Do you know that you need to set the mood and tone right when it comes to covering and clothing your sofa?

Light colors are always preferable because they add a sense of animation towards life but you might as well dread the idea if it is you who cleans the mattress stuff at your place. Working with amicable dark colors is fine because it doesn’t get dirty very fast. And as you are keen on lounging at your sofa very often it is the right decision to make. However, please be careful when choosing a dark shade because it might give an old fashioned vibe and also it must go with the theme of your wall color.

Fabric selection is of utmost importance. Also, if you have a dark colored sofa you can very well balance it with light colored and fun filled light colored cushions and pillows and what not.

A chair/ recliner



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Whoa! You surely take comfort talks to another level if you decide about investing on the recliner option. Though this isn’t always affordable and hence a simple yet elegant chair works fine too.

Major rule of home decorating is keeping in mind the PURPOSE. If it is comfort that you seek then you might as well splurge for it but if you are keen on reflecting your personal taste in your décor then you must realize that it is time to up your game.

A Coffee Table



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A coffee table with drawers in front of the sofa: This is a very decent idea to make the most of the available space and also add the right amount of charm to your living room. Apart from being neat and exquisite looking, the coffee table looks really enticing when it goes well with your home decor. You might as well decorate it with fresh flowers to give fresh vibes and/or small models like ships or miniature aircraft to adorn it. The drawers can be used to stack up remote and keys and even books at times!

Chandelier/ Ceiling Light Decoration



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The former looks regal to the hilt of beauty while the latter is such a beautiful metropolitan addition to the house. The lights that come off the false ceilings are often quite creative as they serve the purpose of adding charm and beauty to the decor.

Wall Decor


Source: Flockee

You must have realized by now that wall decor is different from painting your walls. Though painting them is a part of the charm but it isn’t the only thing. You can get beautiful sceneries painted or have artists paint designs on walls. One of the common features of wall decor are the wall hangings that add taste to it. You might as well place some abstract designs on the wall that gather attention.

Photo frames styled craftily are the haute options in market.

Home decor can be quite tricky if you don’t realize what you want. However, we must like to admit that it isn’t a one time effort but a continuous process. You can always keep adding to it.

Happy homing.

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