Since I am discussing natural product based magnificence schedule this month, its opportunity to audit another item that contains organic product separates. I was intending to purchase its creme form yet erroneously got Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash from my nearby store. The alternatives in these stores can leave us so befuddled!

Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash

Resulting in these present circumstances item, it contains strawberry extricates which are stacked with cancer prevention agents. In spite of the fact that it is a gel-based item, it doesn’t leave your skin horrendous dry, most likely in light of the fact that you pursue the Double Cleansing strategy. Some of you may recollect the point by point post I had expounded on this strategy half a month back, you can peruse it HERE to find out about this daily schedule. I have been utilizing this face wash for a long while now and it is the ideal time to survey the item. You can buy beauty products online using Tata cliq coupons with great deals.

Product Claims

Utilize the Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash to give your skin a flawless strawberry-kissed gleam, each day. Detailed by Lakme Salon specialists and improved with the decency of rich strawberry removes. The face wash has natural product enemies of oxidants and dabs that scrub your skin washing endlessly earth and different pollution. It shields the skin from sunbeams as it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, beta carotene, potassium, magnesium, and selenium and furthermore improves the skin’s surface making it delicate and supple. The cost is somewhat high for an ordinary face wash which scarcely does any use for the skin.

How to use

Tenderly back rub onto wet face and wash altogether with water

Price:  The price of this product is a bit high i.e. INR 190 for 100gm. One can easily get many options in this price and features.

Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash Pros: 

  • Pleasantly bundled 
  • Smells great 
  • Makes your face feel new and clean 
  • Removes soil and pollutions great 
  • Is delicate on my skin

Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash Cons: 

  • Doesn’t include any become flushed like shine as asserted 
  • Doesn’t generally peel 
  • It is somewhat overrated


The Lakme Blush and Glow Creme Face Washes, both Strawberry and Peach worked all around comparably on my skin however the outcomes were not exactly fair. The main distinction I saw was the diverse shade of the item and bundling. Other than that, nothing else. Additionally, on the off chance that you contrast the face washes and different ones in the market, I would state there are parts of better choices accessible. I would not suggest either of these face washes by Lakme. 


Lakme Blush And Glow Strawberry Face Wash is a decent item for purging the face which leaves the skin spotless and new. I will prescribe it to individuals with typical, mix and slick skin.

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