Have you tried the all new Lakme special CC cream yet? If not, what stops you?

As far as consumer satisfaction is concerned this cream has truly topped the charts in that department because girls and woman from all age groups cannot stop praising the cream for its instant glow that lasts longer than the foundation and compact counterparts and also makes sure that no harm comes to the skin at the same time.


A moisturizer with the perks of a fairness cream for that beautiful glow, a sunscreen that saves your delicate skin from the harsh rays and also a concealer that simply adds to it is what the company promises with the new CC cream and they are true to their words.

The best feature about the CC cream is that it blends into your actual skin tone thus giving you a natural look and at the same time gives you a contoured, professional and edgy makeup look.

As suggested by experts, one must use a moisturizer along with the cream if they have a really dry skin that needs just more than a cream.

It lasts for around five to six hours and is smudge free so that one need not bother with constant touch ups and reapplications.


It might happen during initial usage that one might find that the face actually looks quite dull for initial thirty to forty minutes of application but worry nit as the skin gets adjusted towards the product it gives it a natural looking glow that can be deemed enviable.

All gammed up for the upcoming festive season and still busy enough to take a frequent parlour detour for classy yet eye catchy make up?

Well, Lakme 9 to 5 CC creams is the solution.

Bright up your moods and season up you days!


Author: The Fashion and City

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