It’s surprisingly easy to overlook functionality when you start redesigning your rooms. This is because we put a heavy emphasis on the overall look and feel of our home. However, since we’re still in the planning stages and haven’t lived with our new renovations, it’s usually difficult to imagine what our daily lives would be like.

For example, you might want to place all of your books on an open shelf. This can make it look great and you’ll get easy access to all of those titles. However, it can be a huge pain to dust all of those books, and some people will realize that they don’t really need to have so many books lying around just to look great. In terms of practicality, they might just prefer to have their favorite books on a tablet or eReader.

Unfortunately, this is far too common and people are starting to neglect functionality and practicality for the sake of decorating tips. So in this post, we’re going to cover a few tips to help you focus more on the functionality in your home and how you can tie it together with your new redesigns.


Consider the utilities in your home and make way for them

It’s surprisingly common for people to neglect things like wall sockets, HVAC vents and even plumbing when they carry out renovations and redesigns. You need to remember that there are areas of your home that will need to stay static due to these utilities.

While you can contact a HVAC repair service to help you redirect vents, or even an electrician to help you move the location of wall sockets, it can be rather expensive to carry out these services and you may find yourself leaning towards a redesign to fit the existing locations of your utilities because it’s simply cheaper.

Consider how you make use of your furniture

Setting out your furniture to look nice is great and all, but it needs to be practical and not just look nice. You should consider the use of multifunctional furniture to help you save space, and you should also think about how often something gets used in the first place. A lot of people have a bad habit of keeping around a lot of furniture and storage just to keep things around, but the reality is that they’re probably wasting a lot of potential space.

When redesigning your home, take a look around and consider how often you use certain furniture or storage pieces. If you constantly have to dust your shelves but rarely pull a book off to read, then you may want to just keep those books somewhere else to avoid damaging them and place another piece of decor that is easier to maintain.

It’s important to start thinking about functionality when it comes to your home redesigns. Simply making something look great is fine for Instagram pictures, but you’re the one that has to live in that home so it’s good to make it functional as well.

Author: The Fashion and City

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