Kaala – Conspiracies, Speculations and More

Supposedly to be released at 10 AM on the morning of Holi, a ‘director’s cut’ leaked copy making rounds the night before urged the producer and team to officially release the much awaited Kaala teaser in advance. Dhanush K Raja, the producer of Kaala and the Son in law of the Superstar tweeted this when releasing the teaser.

Its superstar and we all know it was going to be a Diwali and not just Holi. Though looking great, people did feel a similarity in style and format to the predecessor Kabali. But it sure damn was awesome!

DISCLAIMER: The points that follow could hurt feelings of few ardent political fans, bhakths and so on. Please do not go any further and let your feelings be hurt. Also, the speculation and conspiracies mentioned below are purely the writer’s wit and is advised to be taken on a lighter note.

So here it goes. Kaala being the first movie of Thalaivar post announcing his entry into politics; it would be naïve of us to not speculate about his movies being made without a political angle. Though the director Pa Ranjith has made it clear that the script was written way before the political announcement, I am a bit skeptical. The teaser alone has been gathering a lot of conspiracies and I too had to put in few of my opinions.

1> It’s Dharavi, so there is Shiv Sena:

The first thought that came to my mind on seeing Nana Patekar was, throw in a saffron shawl and we have a Thakre in the movie. The saffron shade all around Nana’s posters and a flag too in the teaser did give us enough to speculate on the fact that Shiv Sena may play a role in this.

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2> I want to make this country clean ………. And PURE

There is a two-way jibe here. Lemme explain!

Considering that Nana Patekar is the antagonist, the clean and pure looks like a direct attack on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This though might seem far-fetched; it does make one raise an eyebrow. This could be a direct jibe at BJP – again saffron!

Another way of taking this is considering the wordplay. The dialog Nana Patekar delivers in the teaser has a brief pause before saying ‘Pure’. That’s fishy! Also, the banner behind Huma Qureshi’s intro displays ‘Pure Mumbai’. But here’s the catch – What if we have been reading it wrong and what Nana actually means is ‘Pure’ – पूरे (pūrē , poore) – Meaning ‘Entire’. Now this actually does make sense.

Kaala-Image 3

3> Islam Friendly

Dharavi is 33% Muslims and there had to be a shot there. The teaser shows a small bit where Rajini and family sit in between a Muslim community and have a good laugh. Also, the supporting character, Samutrakani, could be seen sporting a green ta’wiz (an amulet) in various posters.

Though just a character it could have some serious positive implications within the Tamil Muslim category and could end the political speculation surrounding his tie with the BJP. To be honest, people haven’t forgotten Manik Basha yet!!!

Kaala-Image 4


Kaala-image 5

4> A Black Holi

Black has been the predominant color in the entire teaser and it was quite evident that BLACK is the color of RAJINIKANTH and not any other (If you know what I mean). In recent times, Kamal Haasan has been seen mostly in black representing his party and the Dravidian sentiment and without a doubt, one could say that Super Star just claimed the throne. Black is now his!

Kaala-Image 6

5> Saffron Elimination

Seems like Thalaivar won an election and party members with flags celebrate it in another shot of the teaser. Let’s dissect that – There are 3 colours involved – Blue, White and Green. So, the only color missing which is also present in the national flag is? You guessed it right – Saffron. Looks like Kaala is up and against Saffron all in all. Also, this could also be the Party Flag of Superstar Rajnikanth.

kaala-image 7

6> The Jeep Number

It came to me as a surprise when seeing the number plate. It wasn’t the same plate that we previously witnessed in the poster release. The previous plate had MH 01 BR 1956. Considering director Pa Ranjith’s idol BR.Ambedkar, it wasn’t hard to decode the true message – BR (The Initials) and 1956 (Year of Death).

But the teaser had a new plate – KH 09 PR 1931. I don’t have the faintest idea of what this represents. The major events during the year 1931 were –

– Bhagat Singh & Co were hanged

– Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was born – To be honest I still think that this could be a jibe at Kamal Haasan’s Political move. Kamal started his political journey from Dr.Kalam’s house.

– The first Mayor of Mumbai


It could just mean ‘Permanent Revolution (PR)’, book by Leon Trotsky – A Marxist Revolutionary which was published in the year 1931 – Hence ‘PR 1931’. It covers the concept of ‘Socialism in one Country’. So yeah, this must be it! READ MORE – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permanent_revolution

Kaala-Image 8

That’s it, folks, though I could think of a lot about the Tirunelveli slang used, the Wangari Maathai photo frame in the final scene and also the dialogue delivered, but the above ones were the most prominent ones. Let us know in the comments of your discoveries and concoctions that could kindle a debate.

By an ardent Thalaivar Fan!

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