Instaglam Bridal Glow Night Serum Review

Happy Hamper December box came with quite the surprises which one couldn’t have imagined. But given the bridal season and the right equipment’s to brace and help myself with, I was certainly drawn to a particular product in the hamper – Instaglam Bridal Glow Night Serum.


Let’s be practical about it. The name Instaglam itself talks about instant results which are quite difficult to achieve but much to my surprise and agreement the night serum started showing its effects within a span of 5-7 days itself. This got me hooked. I wanted to know what the exact final results of the serum are. As in, does it maintain the instant glow or will the glow prosper in the coming days of usage? Let’s just say that I am a very happy and satisfied customer who’d love to browse in through the Instagram website and shop for more of these products.


As it has promised, it did help to bring a radiant glow in my skin and statistically speaking I have found an 80% reduction in the amount of blemishes on my face in the past twenty days of continued usage.

Also, one can be assured of the originality of the products delivered to them because these products are available only in the Instagram handle of the company and has no website elsewhere. Insta_glam_beauty – The official handle of all Instaglam products wherein you can browse through the variants and have them delivered to you as per your convenience and requirement.

Getting into the specifics of the product:

The price for a 15ml bottle that lasts and entire month of regular usage is Rs 650/-.


The serum has a very rich fragrance due to the essence of all sorts of aromatic oils present in the beauty concoction. A wide variant of vegetable and fruit seeds are added to the mix in order to aid the serum with essential nutrients, the seeds used are Pomegranate seed, carrot seed and fennel seed. The oils of various elements are used like Argan oil, Rosehip seed oil, etc. The flowery components include lavender, rose and jasmine absolute. Apart from this, the serum also consists of Frankincense, Roman chamomile, Neroli, Geranium, lemon helichrysum, sandalwood, etc.

Directions for use:

Apply 4 to 5 drops of Instaglam Glowing Bride Night serum on clean and dry face and leave it overnight.

One can also massage this onto the skin and realize that using this ass your daily skincare regime also happens to tighten your face muscles if you give yourself a through five minute massage. The results being bolder as the skin looks healthy from within.

Based on my personal experience and as a satisfies customer I would like to highly recommended this piece of magic from Instaglam as your bridal shower prep equipment the coming wedding season.

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  1. Been hearing good things about this brand and this particular serum, looks good and that too not very expensive compared to many other serums that feature high on ‘must-have’ lists! Great review 🙂

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