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Some prefer it creamy, some with gloss, at times with shine and shimmer in a hue that will glimmer.

Those gorgeous lips of yours seek attention, and you love that too. Maybe for that pout that’s quite famous among your inner circle and admirers alike or to boost up your confidence, makes your day.

From blood red to nude pink, it’s all about what you choose from the occasion in a blink.

Celebrating those luscious lips of your in shades never seen before, Huda beauty has come up with an exquisite lipstick palette in matte base form. Something that suits everyone alike.

These Liquid Matte lipsticks have blown makeup artists and beauticians all over. Ask why? The colour range covers it all. From stormy to seductive and skilfully sexy the colours are an artist’s fairy-tale dream come true! Recently I bought it from Amazon India.


The lipstick colors available are as follows:

The names have been driving me crazy as hell, they are oh so perfect!

Bombshell: something along the lines of deep yet muted red, a shades that brings out the Diva in you. The name creates curiosity while the colour sates the desire of finding the perfect shade of red for formal events. Bossy and classy yet not a flashing glossy.

Gossip girl: Those mischievous lips of yours might as well bring you into trouble, my lady. Subtly bright yet. Not along the lines of blazing red but in a fiery undertone that says a lot about the gossips you are about to have.

Medusa: Beauty never fades and same goes for its charm. Alluring red in a shade so primal that it’d have your creative juices flowing – thinking about what to team this lipstick with. Will work great on contoured makeup and ethnic Indian look.

Trophy wife: Bored, aren’t you? Happily this lipstick makes up for the compromises that you make at times. A glamorous shade of red along the lines of bronze. It’s authentically metallic. A cerise that captures prey and predators alike. For your bombshell parties.

Cheerleader: the girl in you craves for this shade. Thinking about what to wear when out for gym or jug or a neighbourhood friendly walk? This is the shade. The sporty shade that makes you win – every time.

Heartbreaker: A pretty little minx, aren’t you? Deep, sated and desired. This shade easy makes it to the sexist ones on board. A coat or two and you are ready conquer the boardroom and maybe even hearts alike.

Muse: That’s what you are to him. A seductive shade of redefined scarlet that makes you desirable for him and yourself alike.

Venus: You ooze confidence and so does your lipstick. Bright and nice, this shade is all about sensuality put subtly.

Famous: For that star that resides deep down in you. The darkest shade on the palette, all perfect for your personal Red Carpet look.

Icon: This shade requires no explanation. The name says it all.

Spice girl: Holy Mother of everything sexy! It’s as dark as the night and as beautiful in every type of light.

Video star: Bubbly little thing, aren’t you? Along the shades of hot bubble gum pink this one would leave you in a hot mess with a frenzy to take that perfect picture with a hot pout.

Flirt: Ain’t they talking about you? Darker than Famous too. This shade will gain instant attention – always.

Material girl: Quite a charm, isn’t it?

Trendsetter: That’s what happily defines you, and you are ready to gladly oblige.

Vixen: Name is more than enough. Tread with caution. You ae about to turn heads and break hearts.

These shades are what you require on different occasions. With a colour guide that explains you the palette shades and combinations the best part is that you can always mix up a shade or two to create something exquisitely yours.

From nudes to pinks and hot crimson red, the palette is made for makeup appetite that needs to be fed.

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