What’s that one thing that you would find in common in every woman’s wardrobe? A white shirt, blue denim and a bunch of comfy clothes. Today, let’s focus on white shirts and their forever versatility. It seems like these shirts never go out of fashion. Inherently chic and the perfect base for pairing up with multiple items right from layers of clothing to trendy accessories. A white shirt is the one thing that will never go out of fashion. Right from casual dates to international runways, a white shirt styled right is a definite showstopper.

Gone are the days when these shirts were simple formal wear apparel. You can pair it up with denim, skirts, shorts and coats and create a new look every time. And today, I will be sharing some styling hacks about how to spruce up your wardrobe and style your white shirt. 

1) Do it with denim


There’s something effortlessly cool about pairing up a white shirt with blue denim. Style an over-sized white buttoned shirt with cool blue denim that’s ripped in all the right places and you have the perfect outdoorsy look that’s stylish, practical and comfortable at the same time.

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2) Tales of the trouser


Planning for a formal look but don’t want to spend a lot of time perfecting it? Pair up a white shirt with a beige or cream colored fitting trouser, loop in a nice belt and you are good to go. Works well for formal meetings and semi-formal events and parties.

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3) Skirt selection


If you are in for a long summer day, doing outdoorsy stuff and looking for an outfit that screams boho-chic then pairing up a white shirt with flared and printed midi skirt would be a great option. The cute skirt and plain white shirt will balance each other out and give you an effortless look.

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4) Long skirts and longer nights


Planning on attending a party and want to try something different? A dark colored long skirt in satin or some floral fabric with a white shirt and some oxidized jewellery make a great ensemble. You can also add a trendy belt to the outfit and rock the evening party look.

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5) What’s with white on white?


It’s a match made in heaven. A difficult look to pull out considering all things practical. Pairing up a white shirt with white pants includes a lot of accessorizing. Try pairing up a multi-layered golden necklace to the outfit, a statement belt and some nice footwear too.

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6) Bright skirts to liven up your outfit


Plan on wearing solid monochrome colors? You can wear your crispy white shirt with a solid pleated skirt in commanding colors like red, velvet blue and forest green. It is a power outfit that doesn’t require much effort and looks great with minimal accessorizing.

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7) The power suit


Wear your classic white shirt and a color coordinated suit to perfect that boardroom boss lady look! You can also wear your blazers with slim-fit pants and a white shirt that completes the outfit. Pair this up with formal footwear and accessorize it in a way that makes you feel in charge.

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8) Get the summer beach vibe right


Wearing a white shirt to the beach is a nice idea. Pair it up with some cute shorts and you have got yourselves a cute outfit. Large and funky sunglasses that fan your face and a tote bag is what you need to bring the bohemian vibes.

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9) Dress it up – literally

A white dress shirt should be counted as a wardrobe blessing. You can find a long-sleeved shirt online and pair it up with a textured belt to turn it into outerwear. The type of dress shirts that look good for personal parties and office gatherings too.

10) Get your hands dirty

Planning to be outdoorsy and get some work done under the sun? You know what would be a nice outfit for the same – a white button-down shirt with khaki pants and boots, creating the perfect no nonsense look.

And with that, I conclude my list of top 10 ways to style a white shirt with ease. All it needs is a wrinkle-free white shirt, some cool floral print bottoms and bam you have feminine apparel available to suit your many moods.

Let me know your go-to way of styling a white shirt and dressing hacks that you use in the comments below. Until next time! 

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