Suede is exotic leather used for manufacturing a wide range of items such as jackets, shoes, shirts and purses too. This fabric is known for its unique composition that keeps it pliable yet sturdy. A good pair of suede boots can last for years, but only when you have followed the right set of techniques for its maintenance. Since taking care of these boots is often a topic of discussion, people tend to come across several tips and tricks, some of them might work while others might not.

To simplify the process of maintenance, this article provides an easy guide on the various things that one must do to keep these boots at their best condition.

Get to Know More about Suede Boots Maintenance

Suede Boots Maintenance

Maintenance of the boots is divided into three important parts and these are: cleaning, protection and preventative care. Without any further ado, let’s focus on the first aspect i.e. cleaning the suede boots to perfection.

For cleaning the boots there are five essential tips that you must follow:

  • Always invest on a premium quality brush designed for cleaning suede. While brushing, make sure that you move the brush as per the direction of fibres and not against them. This is because this can affect the robustness of the boots.


  • Place crumpled paper inside the boots before you begin with the process of cleaning. A golden rule of thumb is to put the maximum amount of paper that keeps the boots in their natural shape, as if you are wearing them.


  • The top layer of the boots can be sensitive to harsh chemicals; hence the first step is to wipe them using a bath towel. Never use water, as even the slightest amount of moisture can leave permanent stains on the boots.


  • Get rid of stains from the suede boots with the help of an eraser. There are many professional companies out there that offer specialized erasers to remove even the most stubborn stains in a jiffy.


  • Choose white vinegar for tough grimes or dirt. Apply the vinegar to a clean towel and then gently wipe them on the affected area and allow the boots to dry.

Protecting Your Suede Boots

Protecting Your Suede Boots

Keeping the suede boots clean is not enough; there are other essential steps that you need to follow to protect them from extreme conditions too. For protection there are four aspects that one should never overlook:

>Storage: Compared to other forms of footwear, suede is a different fabric that demands exposure to optimal air. Thus, instead of storing them in the regular boxes or plastic containers, slip them into cotton pillowcases that offer maximum breathability without accumulation of unwanted dust particles.

>Protective Spray: You never know when your precious boots might come in contact to water or moisture and to save them from their dreadful effects spray a professional protective spray on the top layer.

>Save them for dry weathers: Moisture in any form is regarded to be one of the biggest enemies of suede. Therefore, one shouldn’t wear them during those wet days of the year, rather uplift your look the way you want only on the bright sunny Days. These are some of the simple yet effective tips and tricks that you must follow for keeping the suede boots good as new. It covers everything that the boots require and thus perform them in a systematic manner and you will realize that maintaining the boots is as easier as it can get.

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