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How Do I Choose a Personal Stylist?


Personal stylists help us create the most suitable clothes and accessories for our body type. They may also provide advice and suggestions on how to improve our make-up, hair, and even our skincare routine. If you are on the hunt for an expert and well-organized personal stylist, this article can help you out. We understand that choosing the best one is difficult, especially when it is your first time. Fortunately, we have gathered enough details to select a stylist with the best personal styling service.

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How Do I Choose a Personal Stylist?

If you don’t know yet, there is no formal education required for a personal stylist. For that reason, don’t look for a bachelor’s degree in some professionals in this field. Most of them started small – advising friends and families, and providing a personal styling service until they built an impressive portfolio of clients. Although formal training is rare, some fashion institutes in the United States offer classes specifically for stylists. 

Nowadays, most professional personal stylists are self-employed and usually work from home. Therefore, anyone can easily reach out to them whenever needed. But before anything else, we must consider some factors to know how to choose a personal stylist correctly. Fortunately, we gathered some expert tips, and we are excited to share them with you.

Here are some of the skills that you need to find in a personal stylist:

Communication skills

Communication is the most crucial factor that you need to check before settling with a personal stylist. You have to make sure that they know how to communicate well and explain their vision understandably and acceptably. 

Organizational skills

Fashion stylist must know how to manage inventories of clothes, accessories, and shoes. Most of these merchandises are on loan from retail stores, which they need to return later. A reliable personal stylist must always track the items that her client is wearing to avoid any future problems.

Business sense

Before choosing a particular personal stylist, you have to know if she is responsible for calculating business expenses, filing taxes, signing contracts, and handling complicated clients. If you have a business-minded stylist, you can guarantee the highest quality of their service.


Whether you have an upcoming business meeting or just want to revamp your everyday wear, personal stylists can help you out. If you’re going to use their services at home, you can try virtual stylists online. Most of these professionals have websites so you can quickly contact them.

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