If you are one of them who have off lately started to live healthy or have been into it for quite a while, finding healthy foods to eat while travelling have always been an issue. Traveling is an engaging activity whether be it plane, train or by road, and finding some healthy and nutritious snacks in the transit has always been a challenge. And, this challenge multiplies, if you are traveling with your family, especially kids.


But, if you planned well and prepare yourself upright well in advance, you can carry along a variety of healthy options along to make it as comfortable as you have ever thought. Moreover, carrying healthy snacks is the biggest defence against the plethora of unhealthy options that are easily available en route.

One important aspect that you need to consider while selecting snack for travel is its nutritional value of every item you pack. The foods that you carry along should be packed with the goodness of proteins, vitamins, fibers and healthy fats. Always try to limit things that have carbs and sugars.

Listed below are some great options that you can look into to carry along the next time when you travel:

Go Nuts

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts are always a great and the most favorite options to pick while travelling, and because not only are they small and convenient to carry, but are a powerhouse of proteins, healthy fats and fibers. It also makes you stay fuller for a longer period of time, thereby, keeping your attention away from unhealthy snacks. A blend of certain nuts like almonds, peanuts, pecans, pistachio and cashews with some amount of dry fruits into it is a great option.

Pack some healthy dose of veggies

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While it is about travelling and long hours at the airport or on the road, nutrition is something very important to be considered and is also the most neglected. It is understandable that it is difficult to get proper nutrients and vitamins while on the go, but it is what our body needs to keep us moving. And, hence the concentration should be on fruits and vegetables.

Carry some kind of chips that is baked and have very little ingredients. These days you get banana chips, apple chips, carrot chips, sweet potato chips, spinach chips and lot more that are not only baked and have very little other ingredients, but also tastes great. The best option at moment of time would be to carry some that is home made and fresh. These are very easy to make and store.

Nuts + Granola

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You can try this mix and carry along the next time you are traveling. Just take around 12 to 1 pieces of nuts of your choice like almonds, cashews and walnuts, and mix the combination with your favorite granola bar (if possible go for a gluten free option). Roughly chop the nuts and mix them into the granola. Pack them up in a small size tiffin or plastic bad and grab it while on the go.  

Spiced Peanuts

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Well, you can easily get this prepared at home and pack up before you leave for your destination. This protein packed peanuts are roasted after they have been tossed up in spices. It is one of the greatest option for a healthy snacks that you can carry anywhere and anytime. It does not needs much of your time to prepare and pack and being small, it is very easy to carry too.

At the end

Never allow yourself to make poor food choices, just because of the reason that it is convenient and easy. Plan early and plan healthy, and just remember that how you feel on arrival at your destination depends largely on the food choices that you make en-route.

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Dietitian Sheela Seharawat
In the world of health and nutrition dietician Sheela Seharawat is a well known name. Along with her PG in Dietetics and Hospital Food Service (DHFS), she also holds benevolence and dedication in her character. She has been practicing since 2006 and a registered dietician under IDA. She is among the founding members of the Diet Clinic which has presently more than 35 outlets running successfully all over the country. Prior to her individual practice, she remained associated as a dietician with Indian Army hospital for a Short time. While she was an intern during her master’s degree she dealt many clients gratuitously.
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