Hello and a warm welcome to my blog The Fashion and City!!

Today is a very special day as we celebrate the 1st anniversary of “The fashion and city”

I thought this would be the perfect time to express all the gratitude that I feel towards you people (my lovely readers, my wonderful fellow bloggers and my ever supportive family members) and share the story of my amazing journey. So stay with me until the end of the blog…

The beginning of the blogging journey…

I bought this domain on the 20th of July, 2017 with truckloads of hopes, ideas, and aspiration. After bringing in the necessary changes, making a few edits and giving it a shape and identification, I finally launched it on 27th July 2017.

I actually started my blog with an intention to keep it simple and attractive for readers with articles on various beautiful topics. Topics that will be exciting.

welcome to TFAC

With that idea in mind, I made the first blog post on 1st August 2017. I clearly remember my shaky fingers before hitting the post button. Here is a link to my first blog post, make sure to check it out (if you haven’t already) to stay completely updated.

The Fashion and City Welcomes You!

Remembering those ‘firsts’ in the journey…

I remember when I gathered all my courage and motivation to first start my blog, my mother was the happiest! She stood by me as my greatest and strongest pillar of support. Then when you people started liking my work, my ideas, my writing I couldn’t be any happier. Thus this decision of mine of starting a blog has actually been one of the best decisions or steps that I have ever taken. A step that I will never regret and I will never leave a single opportunity to thank you all (all my readers and well-wishers) for being by my side, always. I cannot explain in words how much that means to me!

Soon after I finally decided to open my very own blog, one of my colleague Asif Sayed, who likes to call himself Asif Dash, helped me a lot with the content part. He helped me express my feelings openly. Asif, I shall forever be grateful to you for your help, support, love and most importantly, for believing in me when my own confidence was a little shaky. I am glad that I found my best friend in you.


Later in my journey, two beautiful souls came along and held my hand. They now help me in presenting my ideas in better ways.

The pretty little surprise…

Since I wanted to reach out to as many people as possible, soon I started my journey as a fashion influencer on Instagram. This was literally not that well planned. In fact, this was not planned at all. However, soon my Instagram account was showered with comments of appreciation and love. All your love and support that I receive as an influencer is truly overwhelming!


The amazing blog family I have today…

This journey, so far, has been really beautiful for me. In fact, I can merrily say that this is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life so far. This is that space where I can be myself, completely, without any fear of being judged or demotivated. I can openly share my views and ideas with you all. And when I see that you all are actually loving my work, then trust me there is no better feeling than that.

I truly and deeply appreciate all you people for being by my side always.

I am truly blessed to have the support of all the people from all the fonts of life. Starting from family to friends, to readers to well-wishers, on each font of life, everyone, literally everyone showered their love and support on me, for which I feel blessed. To top that, I received immense support from all my fellow bloggers as well.

I am truly blessed a soul to have such amazing people around me.

Summing up…

Now, with all the love and support and good wishes, The Fashion and City have a total of 73 blog posts in various niches. The blog posts consist of articles related to fashion, makeup, food, travel, interior, entertainment, with some great and unique guest posts. All these posts ensure that once a reader lands on my blog they never feel bored or regret hitting that button that led them here.

[Have you checked all of them out already? If yes, then do let me know in the comments below which of my article/articles did you like best? If no, then go check them out right after finishing this article. It is never too late.]

I just have one thing to ask for – always keep loving and supporting me in this way so that I can bring even better content for you all. Plus, your love and support are all that I crave for.

Also, keep the subscriptions coming and always stay updated with all my posts. Share the articles with your friends and family. And yes, I love all of you! Big hugs ☺


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