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Guide To Style Nehru Jacket in 5 Different Ways

The latest trend that makes your ethnic appearance look so attractive, the Nehru jacket for men is reining the fashion industry today. You get them in different colours in various patterns that can complement any coloured attire. For men, this can be a go-to solution for a magnificent yet comfortable look on any occasion. Want to know the best ways to twist this jacket in new styles? Keep reading.

  1. Nehru jacket on a formal kurta – When you want to attend an official office party or there is a formal event, a Nehru jacket with a kurta looks suitable. You can simply pair this formal or basic kurta with matching pants or pajama or chudidar and then contrast it with a decent looking Nehru jacket. For example, a basic white kurta pajama looks subtle when you pair it with a khaki or blue coloured Nehru jacket for men. You can even go for the traditional black and white combination and opt for a black Nehru jacket for a dynamic approach.
  2. Nehru jacket on a shirt – Say, if you are suddenly expected to attend your friend’s wedding or Sangeet or might be a formal office party. In such a situation, if you are already clad in a shirt and a trouser, you can simply add an impressive looking Nehru jacket for men over it to change the impression. Doesn’t matter if the colour of your jacket is entirely contrasting your shirt and trouser, it still makes you look more celebrated and event-ready.
  3. Nehru jacket on a sherwani — For a fantastic effect on your designer sherwani, you can simply add on a Nehru jacket. It is always better to opt for a contrasting shade of Nehru jacket over your sherwani to increase its effect. However, remember to opt for a light worked sherwani if your Nehru jacket is heavily embedded and vice versa and skin the dupatta to make its presence count.
  4. Nehru jacket – the hero – Ok, so you did read lots of ways to make your already countable attire appear more commendable with the Nehru jacket. But here is the trick to make it the hero and you will definitely slay wearing it! For such a style, you need to pair your trousers with your Nehru jacket in a contrasting way and include any plain, shirt inside it! However, do ensure that your jacket looks impressive and is of a fantastic colour in this style.
  5. Nehru jacket over casuals – Who said you can’t rock your casuals with a Nehru jacket? Well, time to blend the Indian and Western look and create a new impressive fashionable style! You just need to put on your favourite Nehru jacket over your denim and shirts, well even a t-shirt works! You can even wear your jogging shoes or sneakers over this attire and style yourself in a confident and unique way!

A Nehru jacket is pretty adaptable, as you see! You can create a nice and better version of yourself with it. Just remember to get different variants and keep them in your round the season fashion collection so that you can take advantage of them whenever you feel creating a fantastic impression on anyone!

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