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Eyes on the west, looking for the best. For some time in the back of my mind I had this idea to try something different. Apart from my casual kurti and workwear and ethnic or maxi dresses, I wanted something more in my wardrobe. Something casual and classy.

So today, I will share with you the hoodie designs, jean styles and boot options that you can fashionably mix and match to create something that suits your needs.


hoodie styling

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About the style:

It is globally trending. I personally found it very comfortable to style with. The options available are mind-blowing and hence worth trying. This trending style made me want to try it out too.

Imagine this: short hoodies with jeans and boots, yes, I fell in love with this raunchy attire the instant I laid my eyes on it while surfing online. Yet to try this one though, I have a very clear picture in my mind about what I want from this one in particular.

Womens hoodies

Let me tell you this first, at all online stores this hoodies have huge sales going on. Just to scroll through the options was a visual delight for me! You can find hoodie jackets to hoodie tops and blouse options to sweatshirts, one hoodie crafted skillfully into different attires. Long sleeved women’s fashion hoodies on the list resembled almost a hoodie dress, if you are into wearing one, this one was it!


They are the trademark of any western wear. Denim jeans. When our salwar pyjama takes a sexy foreign trip we call it jeans that hangs stealthily on the waist grip. If it’s denim it has to be blue. I personally fancy dyed and bleached variants because of the multiple colour options and also, if you are pairing it up with a hoodie then going a little bit ripped and wearing distressed denims will pretty much seal the deal.

Womens fashion boots

Boots are versatile to begin with. Not only can they be paired with jeans and trousers but also your dresses. Buying the right colour and design that allows you multipurpose usage is what I kept in mind while surfing through women’s fashion boots online. To be very honest I wasn’t disappointed at all. The colour, design and price had won me over in an instant.


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Now that you have a visual idea of what I had experienced through my fashion expedition, let’s delve deep into this western abyss of fashion.

Some versatile clothing options that’ll make your day:-

1) The classic combo: A white hoodie with blue jeans and brown boots, nothing can ever go wrong with this fashion. Versatile at its best you can sport it anywhere with ease and no extra styling effort on your part.

2) The urbane girl: Pink hoodie and grey jeans, anyone? Yes, I can feel your squeals right through my inner happy dance. Again pairing it up with our brown boots and we are good to go.

3) Dichromic love: Grey hoodie paired with white jeans and white boots make you the showstopper whether you like it or not (We all do). Warm on the eyes and always refreshing as it can get, this combination is a head turner for sure.

4) Military move: Army print hoodie paired with black skinny jeans and either black or dark green boots give you the ‘don’t mess with me’ aka badass look. On Monday’s this is what will get you through however on Friday’s this will represent your party animal spirit. Go green, go wild.

When I was surfing for some hoodie tops and dresses, I came across this apparel site – Fashionme.

It is an online site that provides women’s apparel at low-priced rates with the best of the current fashion in their stock. Find your clothing needs here. I found the prices within the buying budget and the material offered seems worth the price.

Looks like we’re done for the day today. Meet you next time with another look and sightseeing options. Lots of love, keep styling.

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