Lately, I have found it convenient to buy for myself original makeup and cosmetics from Online Shopping Sites. Buying it directly from the retailer reduces the chances of you buying a counterfeit product. Also, taking into account the amount of hassle it takes to locate the right shade from the required brand and also comparing the prices and other stuff, Online shopping has been my go-to vanity filler. It has made it so easy for me. This week I was quite hung on trying out a new foundation. Summers are when you go light but in now is the time to go bright. I mean, a foundation base gives you the best contouring and also keeps your skin moisturized, just so you know. Find some of the best foundations Online.

foundation review

Why use a foundation ?


Cause it’s the base? Ha-ha. I got you there—literally! Foundation forms an excellent base work for any makeup, at times you don’t even require a primer if you find the right type of foundation for yourself. A foundation that suits your skin tone be it oily, dry, normal or sensitive; it serves the purpose well. Also, a light coating of foundation with some sun protection in it is another solid reason for you to bag a foundation of your own.

The ideal way of using a foundation would be as follows:

  • Identify the purpose of using one. If it is to be used as a base applicant then make sure it compliments well with your other makeup products. Going shiny on shiny doesn’t work. Work it out well.
  • However, if you are using one for skin care and protection then make sure it has the necessary ingredients for it to suit the purpose. Foundations with the right SPF helps.
  • Application: Clean up your face with a cleanser and apply it directly if you are using it as your base. For a more prominent effect, you can use a blender. Hand application works well too.

Foundations are always in demand. There are certain skin types that cannot use any other base than that of a foundation. It all depends on finding ‘the one’.


MAC has an amazing range of foundations—the sleekest of its kind. Matte and Ivory toned foundations by Maybelline also have been making it to the makeup palette. Lakme foundations are your go-to brand if you use them on a nearly daily basis. L.A Colors, Bobbi Brown and Mud have some interesting colour options to use. In earnest, there is something for everyone to choose from. If you ever feel that you are unable to get the right shade or stuff then you can always explore other brands. Be open to trying new stuff. That’s how we do it!

Now that you are all pepped up and stuff, let’s get to the real deal. How about I review any one of these foundations or maybe more for you? Try it out and then share with you how that product was. Sounds exciting? Then, why don’t you ask one or two options for me to review?

Share with me which one you’d like to know more about and then accordingly I’ll post in a review of the same. Sounds interesting? Fun stuff on its way.


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