Our skin goes through a lot, now more than ever, because of the excess pollution in today’s time. Pollutants like dirt, oil, dead skin cells, etc settle on our skin surfaces, raising numerous skin concerns. Interaction of our skin with these grimes clogs our pores and hair follicles which further leads to problems like acne, white & blackheads, dandruff, flaky & damaged hair and many more. 

Did you know that black & whiteheads are a type of acne? 90% of people are unaware of this fact. Throwing some light on this concern, Black & White Heads are the area of focus here. Black or White Heads are developed at the opening of hair follicles present in your skin. The hair present in each follicle along with the sebaceous gland is responsible for the oil you see on the surface of your skin. Sebum is basically the oil produced by the sebaceous gland that provides softness to our skin. Your skin feels oily when the sebaceous gland produces excess oil. The dead skin cells and the oil accumulates on the opening of the skin follicles, which causes a bump on the skin known as comedo. If the skin over the bump remains closed, it is a whitehead, but when the skin over the bump is open and exposed, it turns black and becomes a Blackhead. 

Blackheads mostly occur on the nose, face and neck. These are mild signs of acne but most of the time they occur without causing any acne. Squeezing White & Blackheads can make them worse. Let’s move forward and see what we can do best to get rid of them.  

Here’s something you can do to get rid of Black & Whiteheads

Always remember that over-cleansing is not good as it may strip your skin off and produce more oil which will lead to further clogging.

  1. Exfoliate

There are numerous products that can be used for exfoliating but always remember to use gentle ones. Most importantly, remember to pick the ones that contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs) (BHAs). AHA helps in decreasing acne, and on the other hand, BHA helps in unclogging the pores and preventing frequent blackheads from developing. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and clears the open pores to allow skincare products to get absorbed in the skin deeply making your skin healthier and acne-free. 

  1. Use Salicylic acid as a cleanser

Whiteheads and Blackheads can be treated very well with salicylic acid as it breaks particles that clog pores and clean them out of the skin. By adding salicylic acid to your daily cleanser you can also eliminate pollutants like dirt, makeup and excess oil.

  1. Charcoal Masks

Charcoal is one of the most sought after ingredient these days and is infused in almost every product right from your toothpaste to skincare. Charcoal face masks are very effective in removing Blackheads. The charcoal extracts in the mask go deep into the pores and pull out all the dirt and impurities. Using these once a week can be beneficial as charcoal as other skin benefits too. 

  1. Clay Masks

Clay masks remove excess oil from the skin very gently and help reducing Black & Whiteheads further preventing their occurrence on the skin and are a better option than pore strips as they remove a layer of skin while removing Black & Whiteheads causing rapid growth. They are not a permanent solution for the removal of this acne. Clay mask also contains Sulfur that breaks down the dead skin and leaves your pores clean and unclogged. 

Keeping the above points in mind, I would still avoid chemically stuffed, inorganic and unnatural ways of removing black & whiteheads. I generally prefer using something natural and healthy. There are multiple options in the market these days according to your skin type, but I really like using Bella Vita Organic’s NoseGlow Scrub Cream. This is specially designed for Black & White Head Removal. Not only that, but it also helps in brightening & hydrating your T-zone. It gently scrubs any black or whiteheads that you already have and help you with the further occurrence of them. It gives you a smoother and brighter appearance.

I understand how difficult and troublesome it can be to maintain a perfect look but the right measures and tricks can take your skincare game to the next level. Hope my suggestions will help you.

Author: The Fashion and City

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