To what could only be described as a speedy season, the episodes rushed through the plot unlike the previous seasons. But luckily the receiving end loved it. A lot happened this season and a lot more could be expected the next. So, here is a peek at the happenings of the finals and the expectations and theories of what would be next.

From this point on, the article is filled with spoilers and would request all the ‘yet to watch the finale’ guys and girls to not proceed any further.

What happened in the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale?


I’ll break the most important of all speculations – Jon and Daenerys are now officially in bed together – LITERALLY. The finale was what everyone wanted and longed for, but the climax is what actually made the difference. So below are a few points that have been the highlights of the longest ever episode of GoT!

For the past couple of seasons Little Finger had his arms wrapped tightly around Sansa, but plotting the sisters against each other was a bad move and we knew what was coming. But so gloriously kneeling and begging is what he got. He and his mind games came to an end when Arya had enough of his horse shit and sliced his throat. Every swing of Arya’s dagger is a symphony and this is the best of all.

little finger

What would we do without Bran? – We all did come to a conclusion that R+L=J. But in this episode Bran took us to a time period where we can witness Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark tying the knot – happily. Hence, Jon Snow is no more a bastard but is the true heir of the throne. And before I forget to mention, his name is Aegon Targaryen. But that doesn’t make him any less of a Stark! – All thanks to Gilly and Sam!

Bran stark

Tyrion and his confusing look – We’ve always known Tyrion to be a just fellow. A couple of episodes have been a bit too confusing to viewers where his questions towards the Mother of Dragons about who her successor was. There is something fishy going on there, which we will go in depth late on!

Tyrion Lannister

Cersei and her plots – The initial meeting of the leaders were bitter and Tyrion talk too Cersei in private. We don’t actually know what the hell happened there. Tyion says he is sorry he killed his father. Cersei shows a bit of sympathy, which is oddly satisfying but most of all she finally agrees to the truce and also goes a leg forward in fighting alongside the good guys against the dead. But guess what, she actually lied – Again, not a surprise. But Jamie couldn’t tolerate this any longer and leaves to the north to uphold his promise.

Cersie Lannister

Jaime Lannister

We now know for sure that the best dragon rider as of now is the Night King! Numerous theories sprung up on how ‘The Wall’ was finally going to come down. This episode put a halt to all with not more than 5 minutes of ‘Dragon breathing blue fire’ and bringing the wall down like a badass. The dead are now marching towards the living and it snowed in Kings Landing. So yeah, this is what actually means ‘The Winter is Here’!

Night Dragon


What can be expected next in GoT Season 8?


  • Tyrion Jumping Ships – Our beloved Tyrion took a jolt when he realized that Cersei is pregnant. Though it hasn’t been shown, the Lannister family is now short of a successor and maybe Tyrion will try all too hard in protecting that child. Doesn’t matter if he switches sides. But most guesses is that he was played for a fool by Cersei.
  • A truce – Has it ever occurred that the White Walkers aren’t just a bunch of savages that only want to kill. George RR Martin is better than that. There will be a history footage that explains us the turn of events. It will teach us why the walkers are now on a mission and weren’t earlier. But most of all we could see the Night King TALK!
  • Birth of a child! The most rumored speculation of all is the birth of a boy; of none other than Danereys and Jon! The entire series is speculated to be built for just that one event – The promised prince!

Share your views what you are expecting to be happen in the next season of Games of Thrones – The Great War.


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