It’s a dream of every bride to look alluring on the occasion of Big Day. And to make her feel special, what’s better than having customized flower jewellery set. Whether it’s Haldi function, sangeet, pre-wedding shoot or the wedding day, the charm of beautiful floral is just enough to grab everybody’s attention. 


In this piece, we will tell you some of the best flower ornament which you can try without hesitating a bit. So, it’s time to say goodbye to all the bulky & boring jewels and say hello to beautifully-crafted floral jewellery.


Best & fresh flower jewellery for every bride to be:

1- Tiara goes with every mood:

One of the must-have floral ornament on your list should be fresh and appealing tiara. This piece not only gives you a refreshing look but also compliment your other jewellery. As there are numerous designs available for this but for your big day, take one step ahead of normal tiaras. 


Choose the flowers as per your wedding flowers decoration theme. Let us help you in choosing the best blossoms for your big day theme. Have a look at these simple tips for choosing the right florals:


For royal theme:

If the wedding theme is all around king, queen, and a fancy kingdom style decor, go for an authentic royal head floral jewel. Tell your jewellery designer to include florals like roses, carnation, and orchids.


For exotic location:

What’s better than superb beach location, exotic decor, and a panoramic view, isn’t it? For your beach destination function, go for flowers like lilies, orange & white roses, aster, and purple orchids. Flaunt your exotic outfit with this beautiful tiara and stun everyone. It will also go well with your party decorations.


2- Haath Phool flower jewellery set:

The next item on your list should be the handcrafted Haath Phool set to match your attire. This floral jewelry is absolutely worth wearing on your special day. There are numerous beautiful designs available for different wedding functions. Whether it’s your Mehendi or Sangeet, ask your floral jewellery set decorator for trending designs.


You can go for pearl and red rose haath phool design or a classic jasmine one to compliment you in the most natural way. Experiment your haath phool design with these simple tips:


Gotta & floral:

These two ingredients can play magic on every occasion. This type of design reflects the traditional culture, richness and sheer vibrancy. Mix and match vibrant colors and see the magic.


Thread Haath Phool:

Wedding flower and shiny chain design go hand in hand. It will give you a minimalist and a beautifully delicate look which is must need for your big day.


3- Floral Anklets:

Another famous flower jewellery online trend is floral anklets. This is all you need to flourish your entire wedding attire. These are delicate and full of creativity jewellery you should try. These are best for Mehendi and Sangeet function as they will complementing your apparels and overall function theme. 


It will add extra glamour for your Mehendi and Sangeet photoshoot. While designing anklets, make sure they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can choose the flower combination of rose & jasmine or pearl with tulip petal design. Or you can also mix & match chain thread design with fresh florals to create attractive contrasting jewellery.


4- Fresh blossom Kalire:

How can we miss fresh floral Kalire when we are talking about stunning floral jewellery for the bride to be? Floral kalire sprinkles extra glamour to your entire bridal makeover by its royal touch. You can get yourself a kalire of variety of fresh flowers. Right from tulips, roses, lilies and orchids, kalires have taken the bridal makeover one step ahead.


This is for sure will go well with your every attire and flower decoration theme. Especially during the wedding photo-shoot, this jewellery just stands out. Let’s have a look at some of the best tips for designing best kalire for your wedding functions:


For the Haldi Function:

Keep the design simple yet elegant for the Haldi function. Choose flowers like tulips, roses and fresh lilies for an alluring Kalire. Keep them lightweight and minimalist in design. 


For the wedding day:

Along with the floral design, ask your designer to add up silver or gold-plated chain loops with small Kundan designs. This will give you a fresh look with a royal touch.


5- Elegant Earrings:

Earrings are the inseparable part of every occasion. And you have a ton of design options online. And when it comes to floral designs, they are the showstoppers. Go for matching theme earrings or you can select from some tropical designs available made up from fresh exotic blossoms. Ask your jewellery designer for the trending floral earring designs.


There are also artificial floral design earrings available in the market. You can also try those as there are a ton of good designs available in the imitation floral accessories. Right from stone studded or simple frosted gold earrings, match them up with your apparels.


So which one is your favorite floral jewellery idea for your big day? Try these above jewels styles and make every moment memorable and full of style with a touch of nature. There are many popular wedding decorators where you will find both floral decoration and floral jewellery design under one roof. Get your floral jewellery designed now.


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