When you pair fashion and travel, you pretty much get the ultimate experience. The glamour of strolling down the street in a whole new city and rocking a cute outfit is something unparalleled, and every fashionista can appreciate the sheer fun of it. Are you going to Europe soon? Then you better prepare well because this is a great opportunity to show off your styling skills! If you’re in need of tips to make your trip a great experience, then take a look at our guide and get ready for an unforgettable vacation!

Plan Your Outfits in Advance

This is the best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed in the morning because it makes everything very easy. Plan your outfits for each day meticulously and you’ll not only get even more excited about the trip, but you’ll also have a perfect getup no matter where you are. There’s something really fun about picking out garments while you’re still at home, and trying them all out in the mirror as you imagine yourself on the sunny Italian coast, or walking down cobbled streets in France.

Feel Free to Re-wear Garments

While fashion travel is certainly glamorous, it does need to be at least somewhat practical. Re-wearing certain garments is definitely a good idea, and you really shouldn’t worry about it being a social faux pas because it isn’t. Neutrals are particularly useful because they’re basically like a blank canvas—a simple black dress can look totally different depending on what you pair it with, so use accessories to add variety. If you plan to visit multiple European cities, you can also pick one garment to be the star of the show and then practice your fashion skills by styling it differently for each city.

Enjoy Your Destinations Fully

If you’re going to spend time in Paris, then you need to embrace the whole experience. From giant shopping malls like Galeries Lafayette to quaint little bookshops like Shakespeare and Company, your every indulgence can be sated. You simply have to experience France at a leisurely pace, and if you want to go south, consider enjoying a stylish luxury barge hire so you could see everything that there is to see as you cruise down Canal du Midi. If you’re going to Italy then make sure to visit Rome and explore the Colosseum while wearing a flowy dress and sandals, and visit Via del Governo Vecchio where you’ll find hot boutiques and have an amazing shopping experience. Milan is also unforgettable if you’re into high-fashion, and if you want to visit England, then head over to London and enjoy their pretty streets and plenty of big brand stores and malls. Pair culture with fashion and allow yourself to soak up all the good vibes.

Pack Lightly

Yes, it might be hard, but there’s one thing you have to remember—you’ll probably be doing a lot of shopping. So while you might be tempted to cram your suitcase full of stuff, it’s a much better idea to leave it half empty so you’d have more storage room when you buy all the cute new garments!


Cozy Shoes

Limit yourself to one pair of heels and generally stick to cozy shoes. You might be tempted to glam it up every day in stilettos, but you won’t be very happy when your feet start aching and your mood plummets. Besides, flat shoes are totally gorgeous! Ankle boots, ballet flats, leather sandals, loafers, Oxford shoes—you’ve got plenty of stunning options.

Don’t Forget Makeup!

Makeup can give your outfit that final, beautiful touch that really brings everything together. Pack your favorite lipstick, mascara, and eyebrow pencil, and consider bringing a small eyeshadow palette with versatile colors. Having something like this will make it easy to play around and try out new looks as you rock sexy outfits.

And lastly, bring your good mood! As a fashionista, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to enjoy cool clothes, so feel free to get creative and show off your style everywhere you go.

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