Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

-Coco Chanel

Who better to explain Fashion than Coco Chanel herself! To simplify it a bit further, Fashion is everything that we come across every single day. My team and I welcome every readers to ‘The Fashion And City’ – Where trends matter the most.

A brief go-through of what will be covered by TFAC – ‘If it’s trendy, it’s here’. We cover fashion, films, travel, food, humor and everything we live and breathe. We take it upon us to make sure that our audiences are kept informed and at the same time entertained of everything that matters.

A shout out to all ladies reading this – make sure you bookmark TFAC, there is helluva lot in store for you. Well, we aren’t the ‘female only’ folks, we do also let the boys have their part of fun.

It wouldn’t be fair to not let you know the ones behind the system.

  • Swarupa Panda, 25, Bhubaneshwar – Odisha

The brain behind TFAC, part-time blogger, fashion guru and the most proud of all – Animal Lover.

  • Syed Asif, 25, Chennai – Tamil Nadu

Trends follower, constant writer, movie addict, the right kinda foodie and “TFAC contributor“…… nothing much to say here!!!

So to conclude, hang on tight, we’ll keep you posted.


Author: The Fashion and City

Hi!! I am Swarupa. A fun loving girl, Leo, trend follower, mad for fashion, desert lover and most important a crazy animal lover.