Five Places which will make you fall in love with Kashmir

OKashmir is breathtakingly beautiful. Believe me it is one place I would say every Indian must visit to see a heaven on earth like no where else and this I am saying after traveling to most parts of our own motherland and twenty two other wonderful countries of the world. Not only for the aesthetic appeal of Mother Nature is its most pristine and precious form, Kashmir also deserves a huge round of applause from kind of warmth and love you receive there by the people whose souls are battered and hearts are shattered by innumerable years of terrorist attacks striping them of the last ounce of zest of life left in them. They still understand tourism is their primary source of income and take care of you in the best possible way.
beauty of kashmir
So here I enumerate to you a list of what you must not miss in Kashmir.


It is the capital city and is the home to one of the largest natural lake of India known as Dal Lake also known as jewel in the crown of Kashmir.The city is built around this mesmerizing lake which houses palace like house-boats. To make the most of your holiday do book a houseboat for stay and indulge us a truly lifetime experience. Check out the best off season deals and you would sure hit a jackpot. The view from the house-boat will mesmerize you. Get up early morn and soak in the beauty of Mother Nature like never before.!During your stay in Dal Lake, you will use Shikara to to enjoy the numerous lovely spots within the lake along with a shopper’s paradise floating market. I shopped for pure pashmina, some Kashmiri spices and some antiques there. They are unique and come at a good price.

Shalimar and Nishat Baghs and Chasme shahi :

Take a day trip to these wonderful Kashmiri Mughal Gardens for their majestic beauty and soak your self in some sun in the forever cool climate of Kashmir. You can reach their in a shikara from your houseboat or take a cab, either ways whatever suits you.


If you want to capture some most picturesque views of Snow capped Himalayas as well as play in ice, do visit Sonmarg you can’t miss it for anything on this earth. Please carry heavy woollens and boots to this place or they are available there on rent. Good food is available everywhere in Kashmir, so I promise the goody in you will always feel satiated. Rent a horse if you find trekking in snow difficult.

Gulmarg :

You can’t miss the gondola ride and skiing in beautiful Gulmarg at any cost. They are one of the biggest tourist attraction of Kashmir. We had tons of fun here and also got caught in a severe storm on our way back with the Gondola. Life time experiences are often of this stature and in all the adrenaline rush we loved them.


I loved the green stretches of Pahalgam the most and I can still feel the breeze of cool air caressing my tresses in this beautiful town of Kashmir pretty near to Srinagar. You can shop lovely souvenirs from here as well enjoy the Overa Aru Wildlife Centuries and many other lovely rivers and adjacent valleys.

I reiterate once in a lifetime at least each one of us must visit Kashmir. Bon Voyage and do get back to me if you have any further queries.
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