Knowing that you have to undergo a root canal treatment is probably the biggest nightmare that you encounter when visiting the Dental Clinic in Gurgaon. Root Canal Treatment or popularly called RCT is the endodontic treatment procedure that involves repairing the injured or diseased tooth. Every year millions of patients undergo this dental procedure to repair or save badly injured or infected tooth. The procedure is performed by certified endodontists who remove the damaged areas of a tooth called pulp. The area is cleaned and disinfected and then it is filled and sealed.     

The stigma about the chronic pain caused during the procedure is the primary part of the dread that you usually encounter when hearing that you need to undergo an RCT, but there is also a secondary thing that bothers you a lot and it is the cost of the root canal treatment in Gurgaon. Whether the dentist refers you to the certified Endodontists or performs the procedure themselves, there is a cost involved which varies depending upon the severity, damaged tooth and equipment used. Based on different factors the charges and fees for an RCT are decided by dental clinics like Aesthetica Dentals.

Factors That Influence the Root Canal Treatment Cost

By Whom the RCT Treatment is conducted?

The Root Canal Treatment Cost largely depends on who did the treatment procedure for you. As mentioned, root canal treatment can be done both by dentist and certified Endodontists. Getting your root canal treatment done by general dentist would cost you 30% to 40% lesser than the certified Endodontists. But, getting your RCT done by general dentist is not suggested when the case is complex and demands for specialized treatment. The complex RCT cases must be handled by certified and specialist Endodontists who have skills and knowledge of handling the complicated cases of RCT. 

Getting your injured or damaged tooth fixed by general dentist would cost you less upfront, but there is a larger chance of failures and complications which may lead to retreatment and fixing of root canal. This may simply add up to the initial cost by 20% to 30% which would become an expensive and time-consuming process for you. So, the right move is to get your root canal treatment from specialist even if the treatment cost is marginally higher than general dentist. This will save you from retreatment and time required for it.

Types of Equipment Used

The field of dentistry has evolved significantly in the recent past both in regards to technologies used for dentistry treatment and how they impact the procedures offered in dentistry. With the use of modern equipments and techniques, the treatment procedures like root canal would become less painful and faster. Today, Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon is offered with the help of high tech equipments and instruments like protaper system, rotary endodontics, digital X-Rays and Apex Locator and the use of these instruments simply increase the treatment cost up to 30-40 percent more than the traditional procedures.

Severity of the Case

The cost of the root canal treatment also varies depending upon the severity of the condition. The cost of the treatment is decided based on the severity, complexity, number of teeth that needs to be fixed and location of the tooth that needs RCT. The patients may have some tooth like molars which need more root canals than other surrounding teeth and hence the cost may increase because it needs more filling. The molars with more canal fills would cost you around 25% to 35% more than the front teeth.

Some of the Other Factors Influencing the Coat of Root Canal

There are other factors which affect the overall cost of the treatment procedure. People who are travelling to India to get root canal treatment are likely to pay even more money to get the treatment procedure. The cost of the treatment also varies depending upon the city where you are getting the treatment. Cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai or other Metro Cities have higher cost of living index and hence you are likely to get charged more for the root canal treatment in such cities as compared to the less expensive cities like Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune or Kolkatta.

You can compare the prices of all dental clinics prior to taking the treatment. Also make sure to check the degrees and certifications of the dentist before undergoing the treatment procedure under their supervision.


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