Looking for a quick solution to avoid that last-minute parlour trip to get a facial done? Well, how about you give Fasderma Glow Peel a try and feel the rejuvenating skin tightening and the perfect afterglow right at home!     

Recently, I tried this party facial peel to see how it works out and quite honestly, I liked the result. Being a working woman with an active social life it does get difficult to keep track of parlour and grooming appointments, and on times like these, it is important to have instant skin peel options handy. 

Directions for using skin peel at home:

– Wash and cleanse your skin before you begin.

– Apply the appropriate amount of the Glow Peel and let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes.

– To remove the peel first neutralize it with water.

– In case of irritation rinse off immediately with cold water and then apply aloe vera gel on the affected spot for soothing.

– After you use the peel make sure you wear a protective sunscreen before heading out.

– The peel can be used 3 times a week to maintain skin elasticity.

You can use the skin peel for the following: 

– To get a glowing skin.

– For lightening and tightening of the skin.

– For that special celebrity skin secret result right at home within minutes.

As this is a peel there are certain steps that you need to follow Pre and Post-application. If steps are not followed properly then there are chances that the results will not be as expected. 

Tips for using the skin peel at home: 

– Clean your facial skin before application as oils and other impurities can neutralize the acid, causing it not to work at all.

– Make sure that you do not apply any product on the face afterwards.

– Let the skin dry.

– Apply the gel with a cotton ball, brush, or anything clean.

– Neutralize with water and do not use any soap or facewash, for at least 24 hrs.

– Optimum use of Moisturizer and Sunscreen is a must along with the peel.

About the product: 

There are certain advantages of using the Fasderma Glow Peel, and they are listed as below:

– It is the best facial you can give yourself at home. Hence, you can avoid going to salons for your facials.

– If you have fine lines and your skin shows signs of ageing then this is a good product for you.

– The peel also helps to shrink the open pores.

– The product is safe to use.

Again, you need to keep in that every skin reacts differently to a product and so it is advised that you do a small patch test before application.

Personally, I enjoyed using the skin peel and am looking forward to trying their other products too. 

So, that’s about it for today. Also, if you try the skin peel then do share your experience with me in the comments below. Stay tuned!

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