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Abhishek S Murthy is a distinguished example who defines and carries the very statement of Indian traditional fashion to a whole new level. His insta account is one of the very few that makes me scroll through his entire timeline. He though mentions in his posts that he neither is a model or a retailer of what he fashions, but I personally would love to see him flaunting his own collection as both retailer and the model. So what is it that makes his insta feed this praise worthy you ask?

We now live in a phase where fashion isn’t something that is limited or highly emphasized on women. Abhishek has now taken this to new heights. We have had artists on the silver screens wearing feminine clothing, but not necessarily portraying a masculine role. Witness this –


Link Description: Vintage Kanchivaram Zari Saree with Mangalgiri Kurta

Sarees for generations have been considered the traditional wear for women but when styled, this beautiful fabric is gender neutral and complements a man as good as it does on a woman. This is just the latest of many that he has proudly showcased.




Link Description : Bengal Cotton Saree with an Indigo dyed shirt.


This is as manly as any man could get.

It isn’t just the traditional outfits that looks elaborately dignified but every western outfit of Abhishek’s add a bit of character to his style. This makes us want to explore a bit more into this fashion genre.




Another highlight from his account is the jewelry he parades. The antiques, Rajasthan’s and every set of necklaces on display gives us a ‘Hope I had that too. It’s Awesome feel.

Fashion has been fast evolving and in India, fashion comes in with vivid colors, vibrant jewelry and most of all is the touch of heritage and tradition to top it all. Abhishek has given us something that isn’t the entirety but just a beginning of a different perspective. We at TFAC would love to see a lot more from Abhishek.

Author: Syed Asif

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