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Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review

If you have been following me on Instagram, you must be knowing that I recently started using this all natural intimate wash by everteen and as promised, here I am going to do a detailed review of the product. I will also share my personal opinion and experience about and with this product.

Importance of hygiene

Everteen- intimate-wash

Before talking directly about the product, let us talk a little about the importance of hygiene. Many of you might be wondering why do we need to buy a separate product to wash our intimate area when we can use body soap… Stop! Stop your thoughts right there!

Using a regular body soap on your vaginal area is the worst thing you could possibly do to yourself! Soaps are quite harmful as it messes up our vagina’s natural pH balance. The improper pH balance may manifest into a vaginal infection which in turn will give you more pain and problem.

Thus, it is highly recommended to all the ladies out there to take care of your private part properly and not do something that will change the natural pH balance of the area.

But then, we must clean the area to make sure that it stays fresh and clean otherwise the area may get irritated. Not washing the area will also lead to itchiness, bad odor and will leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. Thus, we must keep our private parts clean.

My Experience


Having said that, I would like to tell you that I have tried a number of products before this and to be honest, I was quite happy with the last product I was using. Then I came across this product and being a herbal and all natural products freak, I had to give this intimate wash by Everteen a try.

I was quite excited to use the product as this is an Indian product and this product did not let my expectations down! Let me assure you, this product serves all the claims it makes- prevents unpleasant odor, prevents itching and irritation, maintains vaginal hygiene and moisture and also helps to prevent vaginal infection!

About the product


As evident from the images, the product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pink flip cover. The product is clear in color with a hint of tint of yellow, not how it looks when in the bottle. The concentration of the product is quite nice, not being too thick or watery.

The product is all natural with active herbal products like Ficus glomerata, Butea frondosa, Sphatika, and aloe vera. Also, one of the best part about the product is the fact that it describes the benefits of all the ingredients used to make the product! A huge thumbs up for the honesty and dedication of the makers.

Now coming to the usage, you just need a dime amount of the product and apply it evenly on the outer parts of the vagina. It lathers up really nicely and also gets washed easily without leaving the skin dry or making you feel sticky around the area. The product can thus be used by women with all skin types. It, in fact, can be used by pregnant women as well!

So ladies, now feel fresh and clean all day long with the new Everteen natural intimate wash.

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