So, ladies, it’s time that we talk about all things important! Let’s start with your pubes. Yes, we said it. And it is about time that you say it out loud too. Surely, you might be wondering what the hype is all about.

Well, today’s review is all about India’s first specially designed hair remover crème for your sensitive bikini line. Guess what? You won’t have to face razor bumps or ingrown hair, or razor cuts, nicks and burns in your privates anymore. Also, you can easily avoid the harsh smell and the darkening of skin too. The solution is ready, and it’s here. 

About Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Creme:

This crème is specially designed for the sensitive skin present in your bikini line and under your arms. Formulated with a ‘no harsh smell’ formula and 100% natural chamomile extract, it gives your bikini line the soft and gentle cleaning that it deserves. If you are looking forward to a smooth bikini line without the nicks and cuts then this is what you need!

Why Everteen Crème?


If you might have noticed then you would’ve realized that the Bikini area has a skin that is very sensitive, so when you shave it with razor you face the chances of having cuts, leaving behind in growth and razor bumps too. Waxing is another option, but let’s put it out there – it is too painful to get waxed in such a sensitive area. Also, the regrowth of hair is quite fast which makes shaving and trimming a more feasible option as compared to waxing where the growth is slow but then you always need a full growth to get the wax done. 

Also, your regular hair removal crème does not serve the purpose when it comes to your bikini line. It can easily irritate your sensitive skin and leave behind dark patches. The harsh chemicals used for the hands and legs are definitely not suitable for your bikini. And thus comes into picture the specially formulated Everteen crème. 

You can explore the entire range of shaving and hair removal products of this brand on Nykaa. 

How to use:

The kit contains a 50g Everteen Crème packet, a spatula and 4 coin towels. It is suggested that the user does a patch test before application in order to avoid allergic reactions if any. If you feel irritation in the applied area then it is suggested that you immediately rinse the same and do not use the crème.

1) Take required amount of crème on the spatula provided.

2) Layer the crème on the spot you want to remove the hair. Avoid direct contact with the intimate area.

3) Leave the crème there for 5 minutes.

4) Take the coin towel provided, dip the same into water and then wipe out the crème. You can also use any other soft cloth you feel comfortable using.

5) Once you have wiped out the entire crème you must wash your privates with water and use Everteen Natural Intimate Wash. 



1) For better results, it is suggested that you trim your bikini hairline before the removal.

2) If your skin is sensitive then you will feel a little burning sensation. Nothing extreme though.

3) It is important that you remove the crème exactly after 5 minutes. And definitely wash the area properly after use.

4) Try avoiding the application of any other cream or soap for the next 24 hours.

Personal hygiene is an important healthy habit that every woman should be keen about. You can always go for methods that seem favourable to you. That’s all for today. How about you try the product and let me know about the results in the comments section below?

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