Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

It is a thing of joy seeing two people come together to become one. It is no doubt a beautiful decision. Almost equally important, though, is the choice of ring to spice up the experience.

The traditional exchange of rings has been in existence for years, and continues to be one of the most significant symbols of commitment in this present society.

Engagement rings and wedding rings can be very difficult to differentiate in terms of physical looks. Not only in their uniqueness but also what they symbolize.

While deciding on which ring you should purchase for your spouse, you are faced with a wide range of styles, stones and price tags.

Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a ring given by a man to a woman proposing marriage. Traditionally, this is a symbol of love and a promise for marriage.

Engagement rings tend to be more flashy and usually have a diamond stone at the center. A diamond is used because it is the most valuable gem and hardest of all precious stone.

Some engagement rings come with a moissanite stone in replace of diamond, as moissanite is a close alternative to diamond. It is very hard for one to tell the difference unless he or she is an expert in precious stones.

Diamonds are also available in lots of colors & shapes. Among the all diamond shapes round cut diamond is the most popular & common shape of the diamond. Most of the diamonds are available in white color. Nowadays black diamonds are also gaining its popularity in fashion world. If you question, are black diamonds real? Then yes, black diamonds are real.

So, have it in mind that not all of them will be diamond. And not all will have a single stone at the center. It all depends on your taste and budget. The engagement ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand.

Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a very special jewelry. It is a ring the man gives to the woman during a wedding ceremony as a promise to stick forever as one.

A wedding ring is worn by both spouse after exchanging vows during the wedding ceremony. Wedding rings are made in different styles and designs. The choice totally depends on personal preferences and on individual’s culture.

In most cases, the engagement ring is removed and replaced with the wedding ring. This is to say that, the engaged lady is now married.

However, the two rings can be worn at the same time as long as the wedding ring is worn beneath the engagement ring.

Wedding rings are simpler in design. They do not have a center diamond or prominent gemstone. The style is normally a continuous band with no beginning nor end. It is believed to symbolizes eternal love and unity. Wedding rings are worn on the fifth finger of the left hand.

When you decide to shop for an engagement ring or wedding ring, make sure you shop with a store that is trustworthy. A reliable store will offer high-quality rings at reasonable price, and will also assist you during the entire purchase.

You can find engagement diamond rings online at better affordable prices when compared with local offline stores. Shop wisely.

So, to help you better understand the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings, lets talk about both.

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