Do you like German national cuisine? You can’t help loving it! Even if there are specific dishes you may not love, you can find many more interesting variants. German cuisine is a unique mix of different cuisines and season ingredients with the centre in Berlin. Don’t worry if you are going to visit any other part of the country, they usually support Berlin policy! Frankfurt car rental will give you a chance to learn all popular eating spots all over the city. You don’t even need to waste time and decide between two interesting cars at the rental counter. Just do it online with the help of a rental application. Whenever you stop your car, don’t be afraid to visit different cafes and try new dishes. There must be something about your favourite cuisine.

Interesting About Local Cuisine

The German capital, as well as other cities in the country, is foreigner-friendly. That’s why German food has something from Indian, Vietnamese, Italian cuisines. The restaurants have a big and various menu to adjust the taste of all customers.



1. Eat Sauerkraut

If you like eating vegetables, this food is just for you. How do they cook it? Simply, this is a dish of chopped pickled cabbage. It is a really healthy dish that can be kept in the fridge for long. The recipe is as old as a world, reminding you of those days when people didn’t have refrigerators and kept their cabbage fresh and tasty during the long winter. They added some salt and sugar to their dish and relied on the process of fermentation. This is a very useful dish for your digestion.

2. Eat Gurkensalat

If you want to make this word clear for you, let’s translate it! It means cucumber salad from German. Of course, not only cucumbers are consisting parts of the salad. To make this dish healthier and more aromatic, you should add chopped cucumbers, basil and oregano, and other herbs on your choice. You should also add some vinegar or cream. The cucumbers are rich in water and fibre.


3. Try Horseradish

This is a spicy food with strong specific aroma and taste. It is planted in the gardens and on the farms as common as barriers. You can add horseradish to your meat dish or salad. It is rich in C vitamin, antioxidants. Eating a horseradish paste regularly you can boost your immune system and regulate your blood pressure.

4. Eat Muesli

Breakfast is impossible without muesli in Germany. Of course, a long time ago people preferred eggs and sausages for breakfast. They worked hard and couldn’t survive without substantial meals. But now, many people prefer healthy breakfast to old-fashioned eggs. Muesli is served with milk, jam, and toasts. You can take it with yoghurt, and some fruits. This breakfast makes you healthier because it is rich in fibre, protein, omega-3.


5. Eat Asparagus

Do you like asparagus? You will like it here, in Germany. It is called a vegetable of kings. Juicy ripe asparagus is served in the cafes and restaurants. It is included in all menus across the country. What makes it so popular? Asparagus is rich in minerals, enzymes, carotenes, lutein to protect your liver, heart, and prevent cancer.

6. Eat Radishes

If you think that radish is bitter, you should try it in Germany. It is sweet and juicy! You can eat these bright bulbs in the form of salad, raw and pickled, even boiled. It really tastes like potatoes then. So, you should eat radish when you want to lose your weight. It contains much water and carbs. Every time when you want to snack, take some radishes. It is popular in detox programs and diet menu.

7. Try Whole Grain Bread

Whole grain bread can bore you! It is popular all over Europe! But German bakers could create the best and the healthiest bread in the world. Pumpernickel bread is rich in fibre, protein, B vitamins, and selenium. It can really boost your body and give much energy.


8. Eat Red Lentil Soup

Lentil soup is popular in local restaurants. The dish is borrowed from Turkey. What is it? This is a kind of vegetarian soup made of red lentil, carrots and onions. Of course, the dish is light and simple, but rich is beta- carotene, lutein, fibre. The soup can help your digestion and blood pressure, prevent heart diseases and burn calories. Go ahead!


9. Try Red Cabbage

It was said about the pickled cabbage. But red cabbage is also healthy. You can always meet them side by side on the menu. Write down the recipe of the tastiest healthy cabbage salad: take red cabbage, add some apples, onion, and some sugar. The salad is rich in K, C vitamin and boosts your immune system.

Being healthy is Germany is so easy! You can visit any part of the country to fully realize that fast food restaurants are not that popular. You can buy a substantial healthy meal even in the street food truck.

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