Easing up The Summer Heat with Floral Maxi Dress

The sun’s being too harsh this season. A definite no go when it comes to outings, party and fun time among other things.

How does summer look with a floral maxi dress in tow? Smooth, easy and breezy, right? It is that time of the year that we choose comfort over fashion but what if something fashionably comfortable comes up? Well, then, you are lucky.


The main reason for me to make a switch in my wardrobe during summers is the ease that comes along with the dresses. Yes, dresses. Our Indian adaptation to western ethnics – the maxi dresses.

My Particular Look



A navy blue floral dress with the print in soothing white and pink cutesy little flowers along with some classic chic boho jewellery, yes, I definitely got my look right. Also, did I mention the cat-eye sunglasses to set the summer look right? summer-maxi-dress

Though I am a midi dress person as this particular piece of clothing goes well with almost everything and suits up well in all the occasions, however, this time I tried to switch for a maxi dress. The perfect blend between Indian and western which also makes it an active party wear this season.



Floral patterned dresses have definitely been my go to ones every – single – time. Give me something in floral and I’ll definitely wear it come what may. I guess it was the color combination along with the floral pattern that allowed me to buy this particular dress.







Summer dressing hacks



>> Keep it light. Just like how I did it with a maxi dress.

>> Choose cool colours. If you happen to be outdoorsy then this is important. Blue with white is the universal cool colour for summers, you can play along with other colours in their light shades.

>> Protect your eyes too! We often tend to forget that. Summer is for everything. Pair up your outfits with cool glasses. Like I did with my cat eye frames, they are versatile.

>> Be light on jewellery. An accessory is must to bring out the best in your dress but try not to overdo it. Simple versatile pieces of silver and metal jewellery are the best combination options. (You can team them up with as many dresses that you like. Never goes out of fashion.)


It is essential that you place your comfort above everything else. Dressing up is an art and the most subtle form of self-expression. Wishing you swishy and wishy summers with cool maxi dresses and boho jewellery that bring out the vibes in you.

Summer is all about experimenting and trying out new things. Why not go for maxi dresses that make it worth the walk and the talk. Summer styling sense at its best.


Author: The Fashion and City

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