Dry Fruits Health Benefits!!

We all are 21st century women, juggling through our daily lives. Managing our careers to looking after our families, we ladies hardly have any time for ourselves! Wouldn’t it be really nice if we had something that we could munch on any-time of the day, anywhere and that would not only silent our hunger pangs but also help in keeping our body fit? Plus what if they made our skin and hair happy? It would surely be terrific, right?

So, keeping all these in mind, today I am going to talk about the ‘super’ dry fruits that are rich in nutrients and helps in keeping our body fit!


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Almonds: These little oval brown nuts are full of vitamins, proteins, minerals, dietary fibre and are good for your health, skin and hair! Almonds are rich in good sugar and anti-oxidants. Consume 3-4 almonds every day and your memory is going to be as sharp as your computer! Not only that, almonds being rich in Vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids help controlling cholesterol and prevents unlooked-for changes in blood sugar level. If that was not enough, almonds helps in treating acne and the dietary fibres in almonds help loosing body fat and thus give you curves in all the right places of your body without even trying!


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Cashews: These precious white nuts that are heavenly tasty are not just good substitutes to your snacks, they are burdened with health benefits. If you thought they were famous just because of its flavoring properties, then you are partly incorrect. These tasty nuts are rich in B6 and vitamins that are good for your health and skin. They help in improving the health of our skin in all possible ways- from recovering ones cracked heels to preventing our skin from damaging to removing sun tan to keeping our teeth and gums strong, this dry fruit is no less than a blessing.


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Raisin: Raisin, as we all know are nothing but dehydrated grapes that are widely used in preparing and serving sweet dishes. But did you know that they were rich sources of anti-oxidants, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium that help in digestion, reduce acidity, improves blood circulation and slows down skin ageing.


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Dates: These sweet and savory dry fruits are loaded with iron and glucose, thus acts an immediate energy booster and also help fight anemia, constipation and diarrhea. They can also be included in your diet to help you reduce weight.


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Walnuts: Walnuts are also popularly known as the brain food and is the treasury of numerous health benefits! Packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, this member of the nut family helps sharpening our memory and enhances our reasoning power. They also help reducing hair fall as they are rich in biotin and also help reducing signs of ageing due to the presence of Vitamin B. However, the most remarkable property of this dry fruit is that it can reduce the chances of breast and pancreatic cancer. Thus ladies make walnuts a habit and keep all your stresses at bay!


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Apricots: These is not just amazing by looks but also by nutritional values. Apricots are rich in Calcium and potassium and is thus good for our bones and teeth. Owing to their rich vitamin C content, apricots are good for our skin as they delay wrinkles and quickly replace the dead skin cells. These fruits also help preventing anemia and strengthen our optical nerves.

Thus dry fruits are packets of goodness that help us keep fit in all possible ways. So what are you waiting for ladies? Include these healthy and tasty dry fruits in your everyday diet and live a healthier life! ☺

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