A synonym for pregnancy is the term known as ‘’gestation’’. Every person is familiar with the term pregnancy. It is the process during which a fetus or an offspring develops into the body of a woman. However, it might not necessarily involve one offspring. There might be more than one and the terms used for these are ‘’twins, triples’’ and even ‘’quadrants’’.
During the time of pregnancy, there are many changes that occur in the bodies of the women. So the processes which tend to occur before pregnancy might not occur the same way after pregnancy and this is obvious because from one individual and the processes that help support an individual, are needed to support two beings now. Therefore, it is not just the size of the body that increases.


Pregnancy is the happiest time in a woman’s life. It is the time period during which the metabolic activities of a woman are at their highest rate. The bodies become sensitive and one must understand the significance of care during this time because one small mistake might make you suffer for a great time duration and the worst part is that it does not only affect you but your baby as well and. Obviously, one does not want this to happen.



There are numerous misconceptions associated with pregnancy. People usually tend to stay blank about what to do and what not to when they are pregnant. However, research is an important tool because you might not know that the things you are doing, might even be wrong. Therefore, a proper guideline must be given to pregnant women by the doctors or they should get it by themselves to stay safe and have a healthy baby.

Given below is a list of the ‘’do’s and don’ts’’ for pregnant women.

1- Workout and Exercise



Many people have this false idea that workout must not be done in pregnancy and they believe that workout might be dangerous for the body. However, workout is very important during pregnancy. There are some exercises which might not be healthy during gestation. One must ask the physician or doctor which exercises must be avoided.
Workout helps reduce many kinds of pain, the unneeded weight gain, and the annoying mood swings as well. It is also better to ask the doctor the ‘’duration’’ of the workout.

2- Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and Smoking Source

Smoking and alcohol both are dangerous even before a person is pregnant. Excessive drinking results in the death of a person. On the other hand, smoking damages the lungs.
Alcohol might cause disabilities in the baby such as learning disability. Similar goes for smoking.

3- Caffeine



Everybody loves coffee and tea. However during pregnancy, it is preferred that one must not drink caffeine in excess. A lot of caffeine is known to increase the heart rate. Now the most dangerous part is that, it not only increases your own heart rate but caffeine tends to pass the placenta and increase the rate of baby’s heart as well. Placenta is an organ which maintains the fetus providing him all the essential nutrients.

4- Pets



If you have a pet such as a cat in your house and you are confused if you should love them the way you did before you were pregnant. Then you for sure can. However, you must take some precautionary measures. You must wash your hands after you have touched them.
On the other hand, you must avoid cleaning the litter or waste boxes. As you might expect, these are full of different germs and parasites which might be very dangerous for a pregnant person. Even miscarriage is possible.

5- Sea Food



Seafood must be eaten during pregnancy because it is highly nutritious containing different minerals and vitamins. The bacteria that the sea food tend to carry is killed or eliminated by cooking it therefore, thorough cooking is of high importance.

6- Baby movements



Monitoring the movements of the baby is a very important part. The baby movements follow a regular pattern and if you see any irregularity or less movement, then you must show this to the doctor immediately.

7- Vaccinations



During your gestation period, you are told to get 2 specific vaccines which are highly important and one must get them no matter what.
– One of them is the Flu Vaccine:
Getting a flu gets more dangerous than it might be before pregnancy. It might end up or result in numerous complications and complexities. Therefore, a flu vaccine is very important.
Whooping cough Vaccine.
This vaccine is important because it tends to increase or multiply the level of anti-bodies in the blood. These tend to pass to the baby through the placenta, providing immunity to him from many diseases.

8- Dieting in pregnancy



Going on extreme diets is a very bad idea during pregnancy. Your baby needs all the essential nutrients in right proportions for the development. You dieting during this times means not taking in or consuming enough nutrients which can be very harmful for the proper development of the fetus.

9- Your Happiness and Mental Health



Your well-being is very important during your gestation period. You happy, indicates that the baby is happy. It might be very surprising to some but being worried, angry and depressed during pregnancy can have a very negative impact on the baby. Therefore, it is important for the mother to maintain mental peace.

10- Games that involve the risk of falling



Games such as football and etc. involving the risk of falling of a person must be avoided as much as they can be. Falling might even lead to miscarriages. Therefore, it is not a good idea to involve yourself into activities which are threatening to the baby.

A pregnancy due date calculator helps you know your pregnancy progress. It indicates how far you are and the baby’s development as well. It is very easy and fast to use. Given below is the basic interface of the calculator.


This calculator only requires your first day of last period information. Then by pressing the calculate button, you get the information about the things given in the bar beside the calculate one.

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