The festive season is back, crackers, sweets and lights everywhere! But what’s more concerning is decoding the PERFECT DIWALI DRESS this season. Diwali has always been more than the lights; it’s been a festive season on what makes one glitter the most. Not understanding this phenomenon is where people lose!

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Here’s a list from top to bottom on what’s HOT this season!

Chandbali Earrings:


Ethnicity is the flavor one should go for this festive season and what better than the Chandbali to showcase it. The wide structured format of this earring is something that flaunts rich tradition. Be it a conventional saree that one opts, a kurti or a salwar, the enhancement of a Chandbali Earring is just plain magnificent.

White Kurti:


A huge call to all ladies out there, ‘let’s go white this season’! The classical white has been opted for various celebrations but is often ignored during Diwali. It is a season where the Good takes over Evil and what better colour could you possibly symbolize this victory other than white. Be it a plain one or a rich white embroidered, let’s symbolize victory this Diwali.

Netted Dupatta:


This could be the trickiest part as it completes the overall image you flaunt. Black is to white – but not here. The colours that best enhance the white kurti and the chandbali earrings are Red and Pink. There is no argument to be made regarding how a netted pink or red dupatta would up-lift the white kurti. Though these are the colours that best suits the outfit, a multi coloured dupatta too would do justice.

Broad Bangles:


Leaving the hand out empty would be just too cruel. Long Bangles are the ones to go – no discussion further. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the grace this displays when accompanied with the above mentioned outfit. A broad Chandbali earring and a couple of broad bangles, what could e a better match?

What better than this?

Despite all the above the one thing that makes you look best is a wide smile and a heartfelt happiness. Make sure you are at your happiest form and rock this Diwali.

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