Diabetes: 8 Warning Signs That Appear On Your Skin

Diabetes is a most common lifelong disease nowadays. Peoples who suffered with a diabetes illness are more sensitive regarding other disease like cardiovascular, kidney, and skin diseases. Diabetes is a disease that can affects every part of the body. These effects are shown on your skin which you can consider a warning sign and treat it with some easy steps. Here are the lists of the common symptoms that can appear on your face according to the time. You can treat these warning signs with some few easy steps.

Bacterial Infection

This is the early stage of the diabetes which can make your skin sensitive. That reason, it can cause various types of bacterial infection on your skin. Here are some common bacterial infections:

1. Boils

2. Styes

3. Infections on hair follicles

4. Carbuncles

5. Infection on nails

These bacterial infections can easily treat by the medication prescribe by the dermatologist.

Fungus Infection

This is a common infection cause by the yeast like fugues. This fungus is also known as Candida albicans which can cause itchy rashes around the skin in tiny blisters and scales. This fungus is commonly target the moist area of the skin like breast, nails, figure and toes. Itching is the most common symptoms cause by this fungus infection. 

Talk to your doctor when you see this type of infection on your skin for the medication to kill fungus skin problem.

Acanthosis Nigricans

In case, if your skin has brownish raised areas on your neck waist and armpits then it’s a sign of diabetes. Peoples who suffered with the obesity are greatly affected by these types of condition. It’s important to lose weight to treat this skin condition. Type 2 diabetes peoples can also suffered from these conditions. You can also consider a medication to treat this skin infection.

Necrobiosis lipodica

In this condition, Brown and yellow patches are appeared on your skin and grow in the form of bumps. It is also causing some rashes and itchiness on your skin. In this condition, your skin surrounding area appeared shiny. This is a warning sign of the diabetes and you need to call a doctor immediately based.  

Digital sclerosis

These symptoms can be appearing on your figure and toe. It can affect your skin and make it waxy and tight. In most of the case, the figure become firm and you can’t move it. It can cause our forearms and upper arm thick & swollen.  Once these symptoms shown on your skin you might have diabetes. You should consult with a skin expert or join a physical therapy classes to strengthen the joints.

Diabetes Bullae

If you have noticed some blisters and boils on your skin area like feet, hand, forearm, and legs then there is an also sign of diabetes.  These blisters and boils are painless and different from other types of boils. These condition commonly faced by the type-1 diabetes peoples.  

Skin Sports

Your skin condition causes sports on your skin that can be fewer cases noticeable. That means people have diabetes and called diabetic dermopathy in medical. These sign usually appeared on the shins but in most case you can see it on the feet, forearms, and others part of the body.

Neuropathy-Related Skin Problems

Diabetes can cause nerve damage then it’s called neuropathy. In this case, people loss the sensation on that part. In case, your nerve damage part is injured then it can create more problem for you. Apart from that, it can develop a foot ulcer on your skin. It’s very serious sign and you should consult with the expert demonologist regarding these symptoms.


If you see these types of symptoms on your skin then it’s alarm for you. These skin problems are harmless but a warming sign for you that you have diabetes. You can consult with certified demonologist to diagnose these types of skin problem.

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