Designer Saree Outfit Ideas for Modern Brides

Brides to be are now making their entries in style. Gone are the days of heavy bridal lehengas and face-hiding in the pallu. Our modern brides are bringing their own twist to their special day with designer wear that is both chic and comfortable. The idea is to celebrate your special day in a style that is all about you.

The switch to designer sarees for weddings has been incoming for a long time now. In all honesty, saree draping is quite a hassle. And then there are the whole 9 yards of maintenance when all you should be focusing on is yourself!

Another shift has been towards opting for different colours rather than symbolic red for the wedding ceremony. As auspicious and eye-catching as the colour is, it still does not make a great match for women with non-traditional tastes. Ditching red and opting for more suave colours seems like a doable option these days. Especially with the endless designer saree options available.

Now, our modern brides prefer pre-draped sarees in beautiful colours that are just the right fit for them. The internet has been wildly supportive of innovative wedding dresses and these designer sarees have won our hearts.

Today, I am going to share some designer saree outfit ideas that would inspire you to try something a little non-traditional and a lot more like you.

Draped Ruffle Saree in Ivory with Blouse

Draped Ruffle Saree in Ivory with Blouse

You can opt for a ruffle pre-draped saree with a ruffle border in ivory or beige colour. The perfect shade for an evening or night-time wedding where you can pair this with elegant bridal makeup and aesthetic bridal jewellery set in either pearls or silver. You can go for a motif embellished blouse with floral patterns and use an embroidered belt to complete the look. Look for ruffle sarees in materials like chiffon and organza for that flowy effect. Opt for a breathable blouse in net fabric and turn the tables!

Teal Green Embroidered Draped Saree

Teal Green Embroidered Draped Saree

How about a teal-green pre-draped saree with minute embroidery detailing and a ruffle blouse? You cannot go wrong with a saree in elegant green shades! The blouse should be a bit on the heavier side with embroidery that will make the outfit stand out. A dress that has everything that you are looking for in modern bridal wear.

Pair this with aesthetic gold Indian jewellery and you’ll have a picture-perfect wedding with the best-dressed bride ever. 

Embroidered Pre-draped Grey Saree

Embroidered Pre-draped Grey Saree

Brides in grey? Well, they are a dream come true. Picture this – a floral zari saree with cord embroidery and a pleated pallu. I can see the wheels in your head turning. You can try a sleeveless blouse with a deep V-neck and minimal jewellery to keep up with the aesthetic. Pair it up with high heels and a sleek hairstyle and you’ll be turning more heads than ever. The saree should be comfortable to wear and in 100% silk fabric material. Worth every penny you will invest in it.

Hot Pink Metallic Saree Gown

Hot Pink Metallic Saree Gown

Hot pink? Well, we have something better here. This fuchsia saree gown blew my mind! It is all about woven polymer detailing, a plunging neckline and a winged drape at one shoulder. The sleeve lengths are asymmetric and there is a deep square neck at the back. The sure-shot way of trying something completely non-traditional and still making quite an entrance!

What do you say about being the blushing bride in this fuchsia saree? I’d love to see the pictures from this wedding.

Pastel Colored Saree Gown with Embroidery Details

Pastel Colored Saree Gown with Embroidery Details

You can also opt for an aqua pre-draped saree with a beautiful ruffle border. The blouse has mirror work and Swarovski while the belt is decorated with beads and Swarovski. Made in Lycra and built with keeping comfort in mind, this saree is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

You can pair this with some statement jewellery pieces and be the Queen you deserve to be!

On an end note, I know that selecting your wedding dress or gown can surely be a daunting process. The options are endless but finding something that suits all your tastes can be quite difficult. I hope this list steered you in the right direction. If not, feel free to get in touch with me for some personalized inspo!

As a to-be-bride, you have a lot of things to focus on than just your main outfit. Leave it to the hands of expert designers who work year-round to bring you the best experience. So, which designer saree looks like your go-to wedding match?

Image Source: Aza Fashions Saree Gowns

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