There’s always a saree that suits every occasion. Wearing a saree is an auspicious occasion of its own. Even though Indian women have openly adapted to and adopted the western clothing culture there are these special occasions that call in for the use of the 9 yard cloth piece—the saree. Though, it is hard to miss that the sarees adorning the mannequins these days are a far cry from what we used to wear earlier. There are two types of sarees, the evergreen and the ‘keeping with the trend. The designer saree in your wardrobe come in the latter part of fashion assessment. If you are on the hunt for your next designer venture then you might as well shop here.

A saree when worn right gives the wearer their best fit possible. It drapes on like second skin and makes the wearer look exquisite in its traditional ensemble.

Designer Saree: Affordability, affability and more


Whoever said that designer saree cost a fortune are the ones to be laughed upon. Let’s get realistic about it. Most of us aren’t in the habit of repeating or dresses and ensembles once we’ve worn them to a function or celebration, this renders our purchase quite useless after wearing them once. Also, with a saree comes an extra load of storing blouse and petticoat. And, this is where you need to be sensible about buying something that’s versatile enough to be worn at functions, casual events or office party alike. This is where you make such purchases where mix and match works like a charm.

Searching for affordable and in budget designer saree I came across this site called Craftsvilla. Seems like I have found my go to saree heaven.


Designer saree does need not be heavy, embroidered or brocaded for you to flaunt their cost. The new versions of designer sarees are all about fancy blouses and ethnic prints on the saree that makes them stand out. And sometimes a plain saree with a kalamkari boarder and the same print blouse is the best designer option. Net designer sarees are my one of the favorite option.

All the sarees present on the Craftsvilla fit the right bill of the budget that you’d be willing to pay for one of the beauties that you can purchase from there. The wedding season is coming soon and it is only fair that you prepare for it in advance and explore all the dressing options available so that you’d have something different for every occasion out there.

Make sure that the saree you buy has a print and price that is versatile and refreshing. Always check for the border designs as well, because this is the one that will compliment the whole design of your saree. For this must have collection for designer saree in your wardrobe, you can apt for online shopping.  Online shopping helps you compare the options across sites and buy the best bargain and make your saree the best bet.

Drape it up, already!

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