Decoding the Diwali Dress Code 2018

Diwali, the festival of hope and health, light and leap definitely is a special occasion that calls out to the creative persona in me, the lights guide me towards my inspiration while the vibes set the mood for some festive shopping and experimenting. This Diwali I tried something absolutely different—the perfect mix and match to make the most of my shopping expedition and designing skills.

Decoding my Diwali look for you:


Accessories used:



As you can see from my ensemble and choice of clothing, nothing in that is a part of a pre-designed outfit. No! It is my personal style for which I usually personally visit shops, search online and even stitch certain things for myself! When it comes to fashion and style I have a clear motto: Go big or go home! This time however I wanted to try something from the big brand labels. FBB was my place to go. And when I say place-to-go I do not mean an online shopping spree, no. I personally visited the stores and selected every single item in the ensemble by seeing how it looks on me, all the options that I could have and then finally deciding on my look of wearing a cream-colored backless crop top with golden colored skirt, all in all it could have been a very risky combination given that cream is a light color and golden a very bright one. What sets the tone of my attire well is the peach colored banarasi dupatta. The golden printing in it adds to flair of the attire over all.


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While accessorizing I kept in mind the entirety of the festive vies and settled with a favorite pair of long earrings and custom bangles with jhumkas.

The overall attire looked fresh, bright and bold. I had taken a big step by drastically changing to such dramatically subtle colors and it played out beautifully in the end!

The perfect attire calls for the best makeup too, here’s what I did:


I used MCaffeine silver glow gel-moisture as the primer. This is a preferred base to all my makeup because of the smooth tone it gives to my skin. For base makeup I decided to use Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Foundation Drops. The best part about going with this pair of base makeup is that first it is long lasting and second that it gives my skin the contouring that I didn’t even have to work on!

It is very difficult to find a foundation in a color that compliments your skin, a particular reason that can make your base makeup look from patchy to poignant. Foundation is an investment that should be done right.

For defining my eyes I used my palette of Huda Beauty eye shadow as I personally enjoy their wide variety of color options. I finished the look with a pink colored lipstick from Lakme Absolute Matte Liquid lip color, the lipstick being the right choice as it complements me well and is also long lasting.

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So, this was all about my Diwali look this year. I tried something new, experimented, and felt really good about it too! What did you do this Diwali? Share your dressing ideas with me in the comment section below!



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