We love to splurge on clothes that everybody can see and praise. But what about spending something on luxury and comfort? Whenever it comes to buying ourselves something to wear at night we look for the cheapest thing online. Also, I am pretty sure that most of us don’t even own a proper pair of night dress or two! We at times even make do with our outdoor clothes that have gone old and use them as our nightwear. There is nothing wrong about being economic and splurging money where it is needed. But, it is also essential to understand that a good night’s sleep can be found by wearing the right clothes in bed. Click here to find your comfort.


And a small FYI, you can wear your nightwear at home during the day too! Its comfy clothes to be specific and hence you can use them as you like! These are the only piece of clothing where comfort comes first.

Here’s some comfort apparel from Zivame your way:

1) Pyjama Set


The safest set of nightwear that you can adorn during the day, given your laziness to change into something else (ha-ha). Pyjamas are the happy clothes that help you to relax in them, alright. It is more than essential that you own a set or two! And, just so you know what you need for movie nights, series marathons, take-out dinners, small get-together is nothing but your cute pair of pyjamas to get you through.

2) Short Nighty


This one is my personal favorite for so many reasons altogether. It gives you the mobility and flexibility that other nightwear cannot provide lengthwise. Also, they are cute and cool to wear. I love the prints on them and yes, I definitely love some short nighty with pockets. They come in handy! Comfortable enough to sleep in and also get your household chores done in, they suit the purpose well.

3) Sleep top n’ shorts


Keeping it short and sweet. For a good night’s sleep, you can pair this up with frozen woolly socks and mittens, put the AC on and enjoy a warm night under your blankets. Gives you the best sleep you’ve ever had. Top and shorts are flexible enough to be worn around the house all day and if you are comfortable enough then you can even carry out your grocery shopping, morning evening walks in them. It’s all about your comfort.

4) Camisole


Well, with these you can surely get a little naughty too. Camisoles are great to sleep in. Can be worn with shorts or pyjamas alike. If you like to sleep sans blanket and stuff then these are your go-to comfort options. If you like your body to breathe and relax then camisoles are game for it!

5) Long nighty

Preferred by most Indian mothers, these are the type of nightwear that you’ll find in their closet in plenty. Easy to work with and good to sleep in, they are the comfort wear that women love to be in.

Looks like we have covered everything for everyone. It is important to note that good sleepwear is essential. Sometimes you definitely have to indulge yourself in things that bring you comfort and nothing is like a good night’s sleep to make your day. Here’s to comfort and happy sleeping.

Author: The Fashion and City

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