Cause Freestyle is The Way: Dressing up and styling made easy

Creating new styling ideas has always been my aim. So, this time, I tried to do something simple. What one needs to understand about fashion and style is that it need not always be something over the top or extraordinary, no, all you need is something that suits you, and you are definitely good to go with it. Hence, in order to style with something that fits into ones budget, I tried this simple pair of a red top with white pants, and guess what? The style was widely appreciated by all and hence I decided to do a styling blog for the same so that everyone can get an idea about what it is all about.


How to go about it?


The top: I decided to go with a loose fitting red colored kurti top that one can wear to any occasion. Be it an office meeting or a light meet and greet with friends it is essential to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Also, I chose the color red because it symbolizes the spark of life, something that I go by.

rust-orangetop-white-pant (1)

Styling tip: Make sure you break the monotony of your shopping style and thereby your wardrobe by purchasing something different every time. You can look out for new clothing styles either online or at your local shops. Surely it can be time consuming but the end results are definitely worth it.

The bottoms: There is one definite rule of fashion that when you wear a loose top or blouse then your pant must be a fitting one and if you wear flowy bottoms then the top must be well-fitted as per your body shape. Well, if we won’t break some old rules then it wouldn’t be fun, right?

freestyling pic-2

So, I decided to pair my loose red blouse, that is a flowy blouse with bell-sleeves, with white colored comfort fitting pants, now to be very honest I had no idea about how the end result would be perceived and I guess this is where your confidence steps in. Whenever you wear an outfit you must adorn it with utmost confidence which in turn makes your outfit look more graceful and charming than you originally thought that it would.

In my case, people did like it!


The accessories: I decided to keep it really simple this time. You surely can perceive that with the choice of my outfits style itself. Rather than trying to make sense with what I accessorize my ensemble with I decided to go a little bohemian with the same and enjoy some nice earrings that I had in my jewellery box for quite some time. Those colorful ear dusters surely made me feel bright throughout the day.


I gave the final touch to my outfit with those white boxed heels. Many people do not understand the importance of the right pair of footwear. Shoes maketh a man, they say. Any other type of footwear wouldn’t have done justice to my freestyle outfit, I played it safe, smart and simple.


Final advice: Every once in a while try something new and different, who knows you may fall in love with a new you?

Author: The Fashion and City

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