Blue Sharara Ethnic Dress: Souvenir from soulful Mumbai

I so wanna sing that song Sharara-sharara and give you a massive twirl in my blue sharara ethnic dress! Bought straight from the heart of Mumbai I feel like a Bollywood chica in this piece of clothing. My best investment till date.

Blue Sharara

Recently on my trip to Mumbai I decided to buy myself something different than what I have piled up in my wardrobe. Let’s say that my exploration led me to some very worthy places where I could put my hands on these exquisite pieces of clothing—a sharara.

Blue Dress-1

Blue Dress-2

What is a sharara?

When you pair up a long skirt or lehenga skirt with an equally long or short kurti (as per your choice), this is what we call a sharara.

More about a sharara:

The sharara and the gharara are lower garments that are somewhat like flared pants. Our modern day comfy palazzo and classy culottes seem to drive some impression from these garments. These shararas were a trending fashion in 18th and 19th century of the undivided India, particularly in the Northern India. Some of these dresses can even be seen in block buster Bollywood movies from the 1960s, 1970s & 1980s that had a North Indian milieu. Over the years as we developed a western taste for dressing up these lower garments became a part of contemporary wedding ensembles, mainly in the Muslim community. A Nikaah seems empty without the dazzle of a sharara for sure.

Blue Dress-3

Blue Dress-4

Sharara trends:

Somewhere in 2015 they made an entry in the market again, but this time the sharara’s were all decked up and more glamorous than their evergreen counterparts. Women and girls across the country are loving this look. I personally feel that it is the beautiful amalgamation of different cultures that makes it a cultural mix dress. Something from everything for everyone.

How to sport a sharara?

Brides can surely bag the well-deserved limelight with a sharara. It can be a part of their engagement or reception ceremony whichever suits right. Apart from the bride and her friends and family even an attendee can sport a sharara without making it look over the board. A haute couture sharara for a wedding attendant can be the next thing this wedding season. Tip: Stay away from bridal colors and you are cool enough to slay!

Blue Dress-5

Me and my sharara:

Wasn’t this what you were waiting for? Ha-ha. As I said earlier, on my recent trip to Mumbai I found the sharara in a local market. Yes, you read that right. Please don’t even get me started on the available options because I was so spoilt for choice that I ended up buying 3 shararas for myself! Now, now, don’t give me the look. They were all beautiful to look at and also were at a handsome price of 2500/-. Totally worth it!

I bought a sharara in baby blue colour. This colour compliments me well (or so I have been told!). Brings out the fierceness of my hair colour and plays safe with my choice of accessories.

I decided to play it subtle. With white coloured bangles and white stone-studded chandbali earrings I truly felt as light as a feather. As I keep insisting on this, if your dress is on the heavier scale then you can balance it out with light accessories.

With memorable love from Aamchi Mumbai I now give you a sharara twirl and salaam. Until next time!


Blue Sharara Twirling

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  1. Didn’t knew what it means. Nice to know about a new dress. Thanks to you. And yes beautiful pictures.

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  2. You look super cute in this outfit and this color suits you a lot, I love how your cutie poses by your side in your outfit posts. Couldn’t take my eyes from the cutie pie 🙂
    Naam bata hi do

  3. The sharara looks lovely and blue suits you too. I saw a similar piece somewhere and would love to buy it. #Bloggingdivas #Openntalk

  4. That’s a beautiful dress and you’re looking absolutely gorgeous in it! Loved the blue shade. Very classy and elegant.
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