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The Fashion and City is an online magazine that covers Fashion Blogs and Lifestyle Blogs such as Beauty, Makeup, Food, Travel, Entertainment, Health and Fitness, Home Décor and many more.

Name a girl who has never been into fashion? Quite impossible to tell, right? Almost every girl is into fashion and has their own unique style statements.

Some of us ladies are extroverts when it comes to expressing our fashion or style statements. Whereas some of us are a little shy and rather introverts in expressing ourselves through our style statement. There is also a group of girls who have a great fashion sense but find it hard to express themselves completely through their dressing. Also, some girls are a little confused about their style statements. So for any and all kinds of girls present out there, a little guidance or suggestions can be of great help, right?

So the fashion and the city is a place where you will find the proper guidance to help express yourself prominently through the dressing. Through the many fashion blogs published in the fashion and the city, you can polish your own dressing sense better and be able to stand out in the crowd.

If your style statement is comfort, then the fashion and the city is the best place where you could land. My personal style statement being the comfort, you will find various styling tips and ideas here where the priority is given to being comfortable in your own skin. The fashion and the city also published various other styling blogs such as monsoon styling, summer styling, the little black dress and whatnot. So if you are a fashion freak then the fashion and the city is where you should rather be. 

Saw the advertisement for a new beauty or makeup product on the television and want to use it but not sure whether it is good or not! Or you have all the makeup essential, still, get a tough time acing that perfect smokey eye look? Or is it that you want to know the routine that you may follow during the monsoon to keep your skin healthy naturally?

For any of the above-related queries or doubts, head on to the fashion and the city blog now. The fashion and the city’s beauty and make-up section is the perfect destination where all your beauty and make-up related problems will get resolved. 

The fashion and the city shares various makeup tricks and tips that will help you ace any look that you want to flaunt. Also, the tips shared are useful enough to help you use your make up products for a longer period of time. The tips and tricks shared here will also ensure that your kajal does not get smudged and your make up stays put for the longest time.

In our blog, we also do a lot of beauty product reviews to help you choose those products that are best for your skin types. We also share ideas on what ways a specific beauty product can be used or how should those products be applied.

So, if you are a part of the fashion and the city’s family then you can never go wrong with any beauty product.

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