Biotique Bio Almond Oil Review

Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face and Eye Makeup Cleanser

The winters have finally settled in and so has the dryness in your skin. Seems like it was ages ago when you were running your fingertips through your smooth and soft skin? Yes, winters do that to you.

But fret not.

There is this thing about almonds. They are the diamond of nuts. From almond milk to nut to oil, everything is valuable and useful.

We came across a product – ‘Biotique Bio Almond Oil

As the name suggests, it is an organic almond oil extracted from the best of almonds to give one the best of face and eye makeup cleanser. And along with that it can also be used to give you a soothing face massage.

Biotique advanced and botanical have gain quite the reputation over the years. They came up with advanced Ayurveda techniques that helped them gain quite the market as their products are more reliable as compared to their competition – them being organic and all.

Skincare, hair care, body care and men, women, and children, they make products to match with every ones needs. Everyone finds an ayurvedic solution with Biotique advanced products. This winter they have come with an amazing Almond Oil that not only helps restore and replenish but also acts as a competent make up remover.

What’s in it for you?

Blended with almond, safflower, sesame, neem and staff tree oils, this soothing cleanser helps as an amazing makeup remover! It leaves the skin as fresh as silk. All the ingredients chosen act as natural replenish-ers!

Why Biotique Almond Oil?

It is useful regardless of the fact that you use makeup or not. It isn’t only makeup that you need to remove from your face and detox. Along with the chilling and testing winds of the winter, there are many things in the air around you that harm your skin.

Especially witnessed during winter, the skin chaps and dries easily. This can be avoided with primal and basic skin care. Using an almond cleanser is suggested because it also helps restore the lost glow of your skin. It has amazing on the spot results and commendable after effects.

It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, this is what your skin needs in winter. Basically this Almond Oil acts as a purifier.

How to use?

The best part about this product is its ease of usage and flexibility.

If you use this as a makeup remover then, take a piece of cotton or tissue or any other cloth. Apply the oil to these cotton pads and gently damp it all over your face.

Apply some of this oil on your face and massage it for two minute, especially the under-eye area. Then wipe it off with a cotton pad.

> You can repeat this process twice a day. Morning after bath and at night before going to bed.

> It is really helpful for dry skin as it helps to soothe it.

It’s time to brace winters and get ready with our arsenal of tips and tricks, to make the most of the season of blankets, warm coffees and cozy hugs!

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