As mothers, everyone wants the best for their little hearts! Be it clothes, food, toys or anything related to them, mothers always want to pick only the best for their babies. This article is especially dedicated to all the mothers out there who want only the best for their babies.

When we used to be kids, our mothers used to use damped clothes or cotton pads dipped in water to clean our mouths, hands, feet and our lower backs to clean us. No doubt that it is one of the safest and best methods to clean your baby, provided that the cloth used is gentle. But in our modern world, this method has been succeeded by modern methods. Now damped clothes or wet cotton balls have been replaced by wet wipes, that claim to be as good as cotton and water.


Importance of Wet Wipes

There can be no doubts regarding the fact that these wipes have become an integral part of every new mother’s life. Be it for cleaning purpose after feeding your toddler or cleaning their bum after they just pooped, wipes always come handy and every other mother uses them. They not only clean your toddler but also leave a beautiful and significant fragrance on them after they were used. No wonder why all mothers love to use wipes.


But did you know that all the wipes you use are not completely water-based wipes as they claim to be? Neither are they as good as cotton and water anymore? As the competition is increasing in the market, even the most reputable brands are also resorting to the use of synthetic polyesters for the making of the wipes.

Instead of taking care while making the product, they simply use polyesters and chemicals to manufacture the wipes so that the cost gets lowered and greater profit is made. In fact, some of the chemicals used by a few brands or manufacturers can lead to serious health issues that include neurotoxicity, cancer, reproductive toxicity and a number of skin related problems. Due to all these reasons, even doctors suggest that one must abstain from using wet wipes.


Does that mean you should completely stop using wipes?

Now some of you must be thinking that you must completely abstain yourself from using wipes for cleaning your baby as even doctors suggest so. That you will only use clothes or cotton balls dipped in water to clean your baby from now on. But let us face the truth, it is not always possible to keep a clean and gentle cloth handy, that you can use on your baby. Moreover, prolonged use of the same cloth will eventually make the cloth rough, which thereon will be rough on your infant’s soft and supple skin.

So it is better to use a wet wipe to clean your baby. But before you use them on your baby’s skin, do perform a simple test to check whether they are made up of completely natural pieces of stuff or are made up of harsh polyesters and chemicals. The test that can help you understand the safety level of the wipes you use is known as the flame test.


Flame test:

This method is suggested by doctors, mainly, to check the safety level of the wipes that one uses or decides to use. Polyesters are typically made up of plastics and are the same raw material that is used to make plastic cups, straws, and many other similar products. So when they burn, that is when polyesters burn they leave the same odor as the burned plastic leaves.

So, this flame test can easily be performed to tell whether the wipes have plastic in them or not. All you need to know or do is being able to identify the smell of burning plastic.

How to perform the flame test?


The flame test is a very easy yet effective method. All that you need to have is a candle or oven or any other source of fire and the wipe that you decide to use. Just hold a part of the wipe over the fire and notice the odor and the color change in the wipe.

>>If the wipe turns black in the burnt areas, leaving a lump and have the characteristic smell of burning plastic, then be sure that the wipe is not safe for your baby at all. The wipe is made up of synthetic polyesters, chemicals and is completely unfit for babies.

>>If the wipe on being burnt ooze the smell like that of a burnt paper or cloth then that means that the wipes are made up of completely natural materials. The wipes are pure and are fit for your baby’s skin.

So this is how you can easily tell whether or not the wipes are safe for your little heart.

The safest and pure water based baby wipes: Mother Sparsh water based wipes


For all the doting mothers who are continuously worried about their babies health and wellness, there is a good news for you all. That one wipes brand or manufacturer has finally been discovered that make completely natural wipes. Yes, you heard me correct!

Mother Sparsh’s wet wipes are the wipes that are made up of completely natural ingredients and is 98% water based. They have been clinically proven to be as good as cotton and water. Moreover, being 98% water based, they are suitable for all skin types.

These wipes are not only water-based, they are also antiseptic and thus keeps your child’s skin safe from any bacterial manifestation. Thus, even if your baby is having sore skin or any rashes on their skin, you can use these water-based wipes on them without any worry! Is it not great?

However, do not trust my words. You know how to test the wipes for their safety. So perform the flame test on Mother Sparh’s baby wipes yourself, see the results and know the purity of these wipes by your own self.

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