Beat Winter with These Fashion Tips!

Can you feel the cool breeze in the morning? Seems like winter is almost here. After all, it’s November, time to take out all our sweaters and jackets from the trunk. Not everyone likes to wear pants during the winter season, some of us still like to put on that dress for special occasion, be it in the day or night. But how to wear the dress when winter seems to be in a hurry? Imagine what will happen to our exposed knees and arms looking completely out of the box during the cold weather. Not to forget the associated bad weather sickness. Feeling sad? Well, don’t be we are here to tell you about some of the perfect ways to wear your dresses without catching a cold. Keep reading, you are going to love this.

Got a turtleneck sweater? Time to take it out!



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Turtleneck is without a doubt absolutely classy and chic. If you have a shift dress and want to wear it for a party then wear it on top of the turtleneck. It will protect you from the cold weather and will make you look fabulous too.

The elegant black tights


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Pick a mini dress or midi-dress from your wardrobe. Pair it with a checked jacket and wear black tights under. You need the perfect length of the dress to match with those tights. Anything less and more will make your overall look bulky and really awkward. Choose only the black colour tights, they go perfectly with every colour. Another tip for you is to match the jacket and the tights colour. You can check out a mini craftsvilla lady collection dress.

Time to wear an oversized sweater


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If you were feeling upset about throwing away your summer dress in the trunk, then wait for a second. Do you have an oversized sweater? If yes, then take them out and pair it with a best slip dress. You can also buy some long t-shirt dress too. Check out craftsvilla lady collection tops today and buy your favourite for this season. Once you have everything ready, then pair them with a pair of sexy boots. This look is perfect for the Christmas holiday!

A midi sweater dress and long coat


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Another great way to keep wearing dresses is to buy a beautiful midi length sweater dress from Koovs online shopping sale and pair it with a long-sized coat. The sweater will keep you protected throughout and the long jacket will add layers to it.

Over-the-knee boots


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The best part about winter is to wear those tantalizing boots. Boots look really great with tight pants, tights, dress, and more. Wear any dress that you want, top it with a warm jacket and over-the-knee boots. My O my! You will look ravishing.

The Faux Fur


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Faux fur has something very intriguing about it. The moment someone walks out wearing a faux fur jacket it looks so stylish yet cozy. Why don’t you buy a faux fur jacket for yourself? Pair it up with a mini dress and don’t forget your boots. The perfect celebrity look!


So, here are the tips to look drop-dead gorgeous without feeling cold at all! Make sure to avail these superb ideas to stay trendy this winter! Happy holidays guys.

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