Banana Cake

Banana Cake Recipe

Hello guys. Hope you are doing well. Being a dessert lover I always try to prepare something good and tasty with less time. Yesterday I have prepared a Banana Cake. It was so tasty that I could not stop myself to share the recipe with you guys. If you are preparing this cake by following this recipe, then don’t forget to share it. You can mail me the picture of your cake and your name to I will definitely post it here.

Banana Cake Ingredients:

-> 2 Banana

-> 2 Eggs

-> Vanilla Extract

-> 1 Cup Jaggery

-> 3 Cup Maida ( White Flour )

-> Half Cup Milk

-> Half Spoon Baking Powder

-> Half Spoon Bournvita for Flavor (Optional)


Banana Cake Recipe:

Step 1:  2 Banana, 2 Egg, Vanilla Extract, Jaggery, bournvita put all of them in a jar and blend it well.

Banana Cake Recipe

Step 2: Take white flour in a bowl. Add milk, baking powder in it. Then pour the banana mix in the bowl. Stire it well till it became a paste.

Banana Cake Recipe (2)

Step 3: Apply butter in a bowl. And pour this mix into it. Bake it in 200 degree for  20 minute.


You can use chocolate sauce and whipped cream for icing. And the cake is ready. Cut it and serve it hot.


Banana Cake by thefashionandcity

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Here is the 1st photo from Padma Panigrahi:


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