Bali is a wonderful mixture of tropical heat, sun-kissed beaches, shady jungles and high volcanic peaks. The temperature is between 20 and 35°C during the day, and if you decide to visit between December and March, you’ll be facing heavy showers and high humidity. However, if you opt for summer months, prepare for tropical heat and lower humidity during the day, and pleasant breezy nights. This means that your choice of wardrobe should include mostly pieces made of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, so that your skin can breathe and make you feel comfortable during your vacation.

Maxi Dresses


When visiting Bali, make sure you pack plenty of wardrobe pieces that can cover your knees and shoulders without making you too hot. Chances are you’ll be seeing plenty of temples where the dress code can be rather strict. That’s why a maxi dress is an amazing piece of clothing you should bring on your trip to this Indonesian island.

Flory materials can also double as a swimsuit cover-up, so you’ll have a 2-in-1 outfit ready for several occasions. Furthermore, you can also wear it to a romantic dinner date if you match the dress with a pair of wedges or stylish flat sandals and enjoy Bali nights with class.

Comfy Footwear


You’ll probably be doing plenty of sightseeing in Bali, and since their roads are unpredictable, rough and quite rocky, you should pack some sturdy and comfortable footwear. Slip-on sneakers will be your best friends whether you decide to hike through the rice paddy fields or zip through the busy streets of Bali by motorbike. The best thing about slip-ons is that you can simply put them in the washer and they’ll look as good as new.

Furthermore, if you plan to hike some volcanic peaks, you’ll need a pair of sneakers or hiker boots, so think about where you plan to go before you start packing your suitcase.

Cute Swimwear


Bali has the most mesmerizing beaches, so don’t forget to pack a few cute bikinis for a bit of fun in the sun. In the sea of beautiful swimwear, choose a few trendy designer bikinis that will keep you comfortable, allow you to swim freely without thinking about anything slipping out and make you look fashionable at the beach as well. A retro bikini with a versatile top that you can match with a skirt or a pair of shorts during the day is definitely a must on your trip to Bali.

Shorts and Tank Tops


Dresses and skirts will make the vacation breezy and pleasant, but shorts and tank tops will let you stay active and explore Bali with ease while alleviating the heat. When you hit the tracks or enjoy a day trip, a nice pair of shorts and a tank will allow you to slip in and out of your outfit quickly and without much fuss. Go with lightweight jeans or linen shorts and match them with a cotton top and a pair of espadrilles for an enjoyable vacation.

When it comes to color, white should always be a priority as it reflects the sun and it goes with everything. For a relaxed, classy vibe, think about wearing a pair of lightweight cotton cropped pants that will also offer you extra coverage.

Always Accessorize


Accessories are always a must as they manage to uplift any outfit and add a certain dose of style to it. Therefore, don’t forget to bring a fancy wide-brimmed hat to your Bali trip. Not only will it make you look fashionable, but it’ll also protect you from the sun, offering a nice cover up for your head and shoulders. A pair of shades will let you enjoy a sunny day and protect your eyesight from the harmful light. A structured straw tote is ideal for beach-bound days as it has plenty of room for all your in-the-sun essentials.


Night outs will require a bit more dynamic when it comes to bags, so invest in a colorful linen clutch to make the outfit really stand out without making you look too flashy. To make an evening ensemble complete, adorn your sun-kissed skin with gold and brass-infused jewelry. The gilded accents are perfect details to bring out that formal vibe and complement your bronze tan.

Final thoughts on Bali Dressing Tips:

A trip to Bali will certainly be one of the most memorable vacations of your life, but only if you pack comfortable clothes that will let you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Therefore, don’t forget to pack plenty of cotton and linen clothes, comfortable footwear and some accessories to make you stylish and comfy on your Bali vacation.

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