The coming age of family show that deals hilariously with the adjustments and ideology clashes between millennials and oldies alike, Babbar Ka Tabbar – the latest ZEE5 Original is quite the show to set your mood alright. Your normal, everyday middle-class family with eccentric parents who are trying their best to communicate well with their kids by trying to be cool happens to be a household story for most of us. The only difference is the delightful cast making it worth your time and keeping you engaged throughout the series.


Babbar Ka Tabbar Cast and characters:

The web series stars Manu Rishi as Mr Babbar, Ayesha Raza as Mrs Babbar, Anshuman Jha as Jamia – the tenant, Avneet Kaur as Nikki and Bhavin Bhanushali as Kittu. The strong ensemble cast syncs to their role with perfection giving us hilarious scenarios that feel all too real at the same time.


Plot details:


The Babbar family is your regular ‘hum do hamare do’ family with a Father and Mother looking after their millennial son and daughter, add a tenant, and you have hilarious outcomes of everyday problems and struggles. The show deals with sensitive issues in a light manner which drives home the point with the right amount of laughter and fun.

During the series, you come across quirky terms like ‘frierents’ (meaning parents and friends), the father giving pointers on how to behave with teenagers as a friend with some quirky suggestions coming from the tenant too.

Thank to these quirky suggestions and out of the box decisions by characters, there are so many scenes in the show that are pure comedy gold. Like, the time when the Babbar parents try hard to portray themselves as ‘cool’ parents in front of their daughter’s friend Ranjit. And then, there’s a point wherein they notice that their son (Kittu) is spending more time with boys and somehow doubt Ranjit to be the boyfriend! Yes! Typical Indian parents!

My personal favourite moment – To stop the kids from attending College Prom Night, they had a ‘Satya Narayan Pooja’ at their place.

There are many such funny instances and embarrassing things happening from time to time, and you’d have to watch the entire series to catch up on all the fun! A sure shot entertainer where you find comedy in errors!






In their funny, hilarious way, the Babbar family makes sure that you learn something new with every episode and the ending leaves you a sweet smile. This one’s a must watch family show that you should catch on ZEE5!

So, go ahead and binge away two seasons of Babbar Ka Tabbar. Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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